Affordable luxury: destinations where five-star hotel prices are crashing revealed

15 January 2019

Holidaymakers looking for affordable luxury might want to consider these destinations.

Figures from holiday comparison site Skyscanner show that the cost of five-star luxury hotels have crashed in certain destinations around the globe.

Number one on the list, surprisingly, is Amsterdam. Year-on-year prices for five-star hotels have plummeted 42%.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The average five-star hotel room in Amsterdam in 2017 was £449 per night. This has crashed to just £260 per night in 2018.

The second biggest faller on the list was Havana, Cuba, where the cost of a five-star room has slipped 23% between 2017 and 2018. The average five-star room in the Caribbean island’s capital is now just £241 per night.

Havana, Cuba

Other big fallers include Venice (22% down), Palma de Mallorca (20% down) and Tokyo (16% down).

Lisa Tyndall, senior growth manager at Skyscanner comments: “The luxury of a five-star hotel might seem like a distant dream for some travellers, but according to our data, that dream could become a reality. 

“We have found a number of popular destinations which have seen average price drops of up to 42% year-on-year on their five-star hotels.  Our current hotel deals are also showing rooms available from as little as £38 a night, when staying in Venice, proving that travellers really can enjoy luxury for less in 2019”.

See the biggest five-star hotel price dropping destinations below:

Destination2017 Avg Price2018 Avg Price 5-star hotel per night% price drop²
 5-star hotel per night  
Amsterdam, North Holland£449.00£260.00-42
Havana, Cuba£312.00£241.00-23
Venice, Italy£422.00£330.00-22
Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands£267.00£214.00-20
Tokyo, Japan£397.00£334.00-16
Bang Tao Beach, Thailand£169.00£149.00-12
Sydney, New South Wales£232.00£207.00-11
Los Angeles, California£492.00£454.00-8
Dubai, UAE£191.00£177.00-7

Source: Skyscanner, January 2019

Top holiday-saving tips

January is a popular time of the year for booking holidays. Skyscanner has some recommendations to help travellers save money on their bookings.

Avoid peak times – This is a tricky one for parents with school-age kids but for the rest of us it is worth avoiding peak seasons like summer in Europe or school holidays. Flight prices and hotels tend to be cheaper and destinations are often less crowded too.

Don’t bother with the hotel restaurant – Instead look around for cheaper local hangouts instead. Use apps like Yelp and Tripadvisor for ideas on where to go for delicious, affordable food.

Pick unfashionable destinations – Montenegro over Cote d’Azur, Trieste not Venice, or Cape Cod instead of California. The world is full of similarly spectacular holiday locations, but some are more popular (read: more expensive) than others. Try off the beaten track for better value.

Use the minibar for your own drinks and food – don’t bother with what the hotel stocks, it is invariably a rip off. Instead, pop down to a local supermarket and stock up on dirt-cheap drinks and snacks to ensure you have something to munch on. Note, some hotels have “weighted” fridges that can tell when you remove something, so best tell reception you plan on using your fridge to store other things. Check your bill at the end of the trip to make sure you haven’t been charged for anything.

For more holiday-saving ideas, read our comprehensive guide.


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