Commemorative 50p coin set worth £90 sells out in one hour - and is now on eBay for £499

14 January 2019

The Royal Mint launched a series of 50p coins to commemorate 50 years of its circulation, but has sold out in just one hour.

It says the set includes some of the public’s all-time favourites and rare collectors' items such as the Kew Garden 50p, of which only 210,000 were made in its original run.

Included in the set is the commemorative coin for Roger Bannister’s world record sub-four-minute mile (pictured at the top of the story). The Royal Mint is also set to remake the 100 Years of Scouting for Boys coin and the 100 years of the Girl Guides coin (both below).


Finally, the “modern classic” Britannia coin is included too.

However, the set, which costs £90 from The Royal Mint, has sold out in little over an hour. The Royal Mint limited the collection to just 3,500. Unfortunately for coin enthusiasts it appears they have now all gone.

Moneywise has found, however, that sets are now popping up on online auction site eBay. Sets have appeared on the website priced anywhere between £150 and £499.

The sellers are unlikely to already be in possession of the sets since they have only just gone on sale this morning. They will have to wait for the sets to be delivered before they pass on them on to the new buyer. According to the Royal Mint website purchases were limited to three sets per household.

The set sold for £90 on the Royal Mint website, £87.50 more than the face-value of the coins, which are still legal tender. Individual coins such as the Kew Gardens coin sell on eBay are listed between £3.99 and as much as £119.99.

Nicola Howell, director of the consumer business at The Royal Mint, comments: “Since the 50p entered UK circulation 50 years ago, the distinctive design has become a popular addition to the nation’s pockets and wallets.

“Over the years, the commemorative editions that The Royal Mint has released to mark British cultural and historical highlights have also become incredibly popular sparking something of a collecting craze.

“We’re delighted to be revealing the special 50p British Culture commemorative coin set to mark this historic anniversary, which features some of the nation’s most loved 50 pence pieces.”

eBay image taken as a screenshot from the seller's listing. All other images courtesy of the Royal Mint.


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Many items are listed on eBay at ridiculous prices - they don't necessarily sell at tht price!

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With reference to the recent headline statement ..... Commemorative 50p coin set worth £90 sells out in one hour - and is now on eBay for £499 ...., I feel it is also worthwhile to point out that the Kew Gardens 50p included within the set (as well as the other 4) is not the same as the sought after one which was struck in 2009 but instead a new mintage struck in 2019

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I have some old Quin Indian British and other countries

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