Government announces date for pensions cold calling ban after more than TWO YEARS in the works – by tweeting it

20 December 2018

From 9 January it will be against the law for firms or individuals to call people about pensions out of the blue.

It is unlikely that pensions cold calls will stop entirely as many fraudsters are based overseas.

However the ban should underline the fact that any unsolicited pensions-related call people receive will not be legal. 

The ban on pensions cold calling has been in the works for more than two years, first mooted by the government in November 2016.

As reported in Moneywise, the long road to the ban has been mired in delays and prevarication.

But now, economic secretary to the Treasury, John Glen MP, has announced the date for the ban of 9 January, through the unusual medium of tweeting it on his Twitter page.

In June Mr Glen was forced to issue a statement as to why the Treasury had not met its deadline to set out plans for the ban.

The government has consistently struggled to put the legislation in place, making this announcement a relief for the potential victims of pension scammers.

Moneywise has contacted the Treasury for confirmation of the ban's date. It has said 9 January will indeed be the start date. 

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