From Baileys to Prosecco: get the best deals on your favourite Christmas drinks

30 November 2018

Supermarkets are notorious for slashing the price of our favourite tipples in the run up to Christmas.

If you’ve got a party planned or your drinks cabinet simply needs restocking check out our guide to the best deals on Christmas drinks.

Of course, the idea is that even though you just pop in for that bargain Prosecco, you fill up your trolley with a whole host of things you don’t need.

But you can beat the supermarkets at their own game. Write a list, head straight for the wine and spirits section and swerve your trolley around the mince pies.

So Moneywise has rounded up the best bargain booze deals in the run up to Christmas. Please drink responsibly!



Everyone’s favourite Christmas liqueur, Baileys, is available for just £10 for a litre from Morrisons. This is half the normal price of £20.

Tesco and Sainsbury’s are also discounting Baileys, but only to £12 and £15 respectively. You’ll have to act fast to snap up the Morrisons offer though as this bargain price is only available until Sunday 2 December.

Tesco is also discounting other flavours of Baileys – a litre of Baileys with a hint of coffee or orange truffle are available until 10 December in Tesco for £12 a bottle, down from £20.

A smaller 700 ml bottle of Pumpkin Spiced Baileys is on offer for £12 too, down from £15., but only until 3 December.


If fizz isn’t fizz unless it’s Champagne, you’ll have to splash out much more but there are still bargains to be had.

Ocado shoppers can pick up a bottle of Lanson Black Label NV Champagne for £21.99 down from £34.00. The same bottle is also available at Tesco for £22. Both deals are available until 1 January.

Courvoisier VS Cognac

A litre of Courvoisier will normally set you back in the region of £34 or £35, however Sainsbury’s is currently offering it for a more affordable £25.

If you don’t think you’ll get through a litre you can snap up a700ml for £20, down from £27.50 at Tesco but you’ll get better value for money with the larger Sainsbury’s bottle at £2.50 per 100ml versus £2.86 per 100ml with the smaller Tesco bottle.

Dark Rum

If a rum and coke is your drink you can pick up a 700ml bottle of Captain Morgan’s Original Rum for £13 in Asda.

For something a bit more special – think Christmas in a bottle – try Dark Matter Spiced Rum from the first rum distillery in Scotland. You can get a 700ml bottle for £25 in Tesco until 2 January, down from a regular price of £29.

Disaronno Amaretto

This sweet almond liqueur is perfect over ice, with a splash of milk, or with lemon juice for an Amaretto Sour. It can also be great in coffee.

You can get a 500ml bottle for £10 in Asda, Sainsburys and Tesco (again Tesco is only specified as valid until 3 December, down from a normal price of £15.


A Christmas party isn’t complete without Christmas fizz and it shouldn’t be too hard to pick up a decent bottle at this time of year for less than a tenner.

Waitrose is offering San Leo Prosecco Brut NV for £7.29 a bottle, down from £10.99 until New Year.

You can also pick up a bottle of I Heart Prosecco from Morrisons for a bargain £7, down from a regular price of 8.50, also until the start of 2019.


If you’re making a trifle or enjoy a cheese board over Christmas you’ll also want a bottle of sherry on hand.

A litre bottle of Harveys Bristol Cream can currently be picked up for £10, down from £12.50 via Ocado or at Tesco, Morrisons and Asda. The Tesco deal is however only available until 3 December.

Warninks Advocaat

Who doesn’t love a Snowball at Christmas? It’s an easy cocktail to make: lemonade, lime juice – or lime cordial – plus advocaat, a traditional Dutch liqueur made from eggs, sugar and brandy.

The best deals are currently in Asda and Tesco where you can pick up a 700ml bottle for £10, down from £12. The Tesco deal again is this weekend only, expiring on 3 December.


Chivas Regal 12-Year-Old Blended Scotch is being widely discounted – down from £28 to £20 for 700ml in Tesco (but only until December 3rd), Asda, Morrisons and Waitrose.

If Bourbon is more your think you can get a 700ml bottle of Makers Mark for £23 in Tesco until 26 December and Morrisons down from a normal price of £30.

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