Deal of the week: Save up to £440 on broadband, sport and mobile with BT’s Black Friday deals

16 November 2018

BT has unveiled its early Black Friday deals with savings of over £440 on broadband, sport and mobile.

What’s the deal exactly?


BT is marking Black Friday 2018 by offering superfast fibre unlimited broadband for just £29.99 a month – saving you £108 over 18 months.


Customers can add BT Sport onto new or existing Sky TV contracts for just £6 a month, a half price saving of £108 across 18 months.


Customers will also be able to save up to £230 on a new smartphone, including the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8.

You will get double data for the duration of their contract and enjoy half price costs for the first six months - making savings of at least £140.

Customers taking out a 24-month contract on the Samsung Galaxy S8 can also sign up from £15 per month for the first six months. This half price deal will include unlimited calls, texts and a giant 6GB of data instead of 3GB, plus no upfront costs.

If you already have a handset you can sign up to 5GB of data per month, with unlimited calls and texts for just £10 per month on the BT Mobile SIM Only deals.

Adding broadband can save BT Mobile customers £5 per month for a total saving of £90 over 18 months.

Why should I care?

Black Friday is now one of the key retail events of the year and it is a great opportunity to make some savings.

If you take out all of the deals you could make savings of £446.

What’s the catch?

BT’s Black Friday deals runs until the 26th November, so you have got to get in quick. If you decide to take the broadband deal you will also have to pay a one-off £9.99 delivery charge.

Superfast fibre is currently not available in many areas due to infrastructure, so you might not be able to get it.

You only make savings if you were thinking about taking out these services anyway. 

What are my other options?

TalkTalk is currently offering 30% off its superfast fibre broadband in a Black Friday deal for £22.50 a month.

Vodaphone is currently offering a superfast fibre broadband for £22 a month.

Plusnet has an unlimited fibre broadband for £23.99 a month – down from £34.98.

Remember, if you are thinking of changing your broadband provider you may be charged exit fees which could eat into any savings you might make.

Where can I find out more?

Go to the BT website to find out if the deals make sense for you. 


In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

Don't be fooled by this BT deal. BEWARE. Look very closely at the smallprint - the very small print. Although they say it's superfast it's not always the case. They advertise these high broadband speeds but rarely achieve them and you end up paying for something you don't get, like I did. The smallprint says they only GUARANTEE up to 48 mbps and are able weasel out of their claims of high speed internet - when you complain. And when you complain you are put through to call centre in India and personally I found it very difficult to understand what was being said to me and what they told me to do with my router, to get a better signal, none of which worked. Eventually they said they would send and engineer. He came with some hand held device, stood round playing with it and then announced 'there you are 66 mbps that do yer'? A day later it was back to around 55mbps. And I've had to put up with this since. When I got my next bill I was charged £129 for his visit. I complained about the charge and told BT I was never told about the charge and they should check the telephone call I had with the Indian call centre. They did and admitted I had not been told about the charge and removed it. I spent hours on the phone trying to sort this out.. BT are an applaing company with dreadful service. Avoid their false ad claims about speeds at your peril.

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