'Very rare' 50p sells for £480 on eBay

9 November 2018

A bidding war on auction site eBay saw a ‘very rare’ 50p coin sell for £480 this week

The coin was minted in 2016 as a collectible and features a coloured design of popular Beatrix Potter character Peter Rabbit.

Only 15,000 of the coins were ever released.

There were 29 bids on the coin which was initially listed for 99p.

The Peter Rabbit coins are very popular with collectors and are difficult to buy online.

The coloured version of the 50p is presented in a Perspex block and was never entered into circulation, so you wouldn’t have come across one in your change.

But some coins in circulation can be worth a lot more than their face value.

The rarest 50p in circulation is a Kew Gardens 50p, only 210,000 were minted which makes it very rare, according to Change Checker’s Scarcity Index.

The 50p coins released for the London Olympics in 2012 are also very rare although millions were minted at the time.


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