Premium Bond jackpot winner was gifted bonds as a child, are you a winner?

1 November 2018

One of the two winners of November’s Premium Bonds £1 million jackpot has held bonds since the month they were introduced, after being gifted two £1 bonds in 1956

The win came on the 62nd anniversary of the bonds introduction and the lucky winner, a woman from Somerset, has continued to invest in the bonds ever since.

In September she topped up her account to the maximum of £50,000 and won the top prize in her first eligible draw.

Gifting bonds is set to become even easier as National Savings and Investments (NS&I) are set to allow people other than parents or grandparents to gift Premium Bonds to children.

Jill Waters, retail director for NS&I, said: ‘Gifting Premium Bonds is not only a nice gesture today, but it helps develop a savings habit for tomorrow. We will soon be making it even easier to save for children, by offering the opportunity for aunts, uncles, godparents and family friends to gift Premium Bonds to under 16s.’

This was announced in the Autumn Budget 2018 as one of several changes to Premium Bonds which the government hopes will make it easier for people to save at all stages of their lives.

Minimum investment reduced

Other changes announced in the Budget are the minimum invest in Premium Bonds being lowered from £100 to £25, which will come into force at the end of March 2019 and a new app for the product is set to be launched in the new year.

Customers can currently check if they’ve won a prize with a smartphone app, but the new app is hoped to ‘make saving easier’ according to Waters.

The November prize draw saw over 3 million prizes totalling more than £90 million. The other jackpot winner was a man from Cheshire.

You can check to see if you're a winner or have an unclaimed prize by using NS&I's Prize Checker.

For a full breakdown of the prizes see the table below.

Value of prizeNumber of prizes


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