Special 50p coin to mark Brexit 'will be released the day Britain leaves the EU'

29 October 2018

A special 50p coin to commemorate Britain leaving the EU will be issued next year

Chancellor Philip Hammond made the announcement in the Budget on Monday.

The coin will become available on 29 March 2019 – the day Britain leaves the EU.

It is believed it will feature the Queen’s head and on the reverse the phrase “Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations”. The coin will also have the Brexit date on around the Queen’s image.

A source close to the Chancellor told The Sun: “It’s an historic moment which will rightly be commemorated”.

The decision by the Chancellor is being seen by some as an attempt to try and win over pro-Leave MPs who view the Chancellor as being pessimistic about leaving the EU. The coin will have to personally be signed off by the Queen as it bears her image.

A 50p coin was made to mark the UK’s entrance into the European Economic Community in 1973, while another one was issued in 1998 to celebrate the UK’s presidency of the EU.

Treasury sources told the newspaper that the department has been working on plans for the coin in secret for months.

The Chancellor has now issued an order to the Royal Mint advisory committee to draw up a design that will signed off later this year.

The Royal Mail came in for criticism earlier this year when it announced it had no plans to issue commemorative stamps marking Brexit.

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