What’s the real cost of moving home? Find out using our home moving tool

18 October 2018

When you're buying a house, you’re bound to end up spending much more than just the asking price.

From conveyancing, home surveys and moving costs to minor repairs, you could spend thousands before you settle in – and these costs will vary significantly depending on where you live.

To help, Totally Money has developed a handy online tool to show you the true cost of moving home in 30 cities across the UK.

As well as upfront costs such as deposits, mortgage payments, and estate agent’s fees, it estimates that house surveys, packing up and carrying out minor repairs when you move in can add an extra 40% to your home move.

Using the tool, you can put in the price and nearest city to your new home and find out how much you’ll be paying for upfront costs such as stamp duty and estate agent’s fees, but you can also see the of packing materials, boxes and removal companies, plus home improvement estimates for anything from replacing roof tiles and installing a boiler to converting a ground floor bedroom into a bathroom.

In the search for your perfect home, you’re likely to overlook minor imperfections, but once you move in these can soon add up. Totally Money calculates that fixing a leak typically costs £120 while fixing a crack is £60, and rewiring electrics can set you back £2,750.

Regional variations

And if you are not tied to a particular city, you might want to consider where you move to. Totally Money calculates that upfront costs in London can be £125,195 on an average property costing £693,143 – while in Bradford you will spend the least, with upfront costs of £24,895 on a typical property costing £135,489.

You can find the new interactive tool below.

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