Savings update: top rates stuck as banks still don't pass on rate rise

11 September 2018

One-year fixed-rate bonds are popular with savers, but rates have not improved since the rise in base rate last month, research by savings website Savings Champion shows.

Top rates remain around the 2% mark as banks come in and out of the market and move their rates either up or down by the tiniest amount – in some cases as by as little as 0.02 percentage points.

The top rate is currently 2.03% from PCF Bank, followed by ICICI Bank at 2.02% and Oaknorth bank at 2.01%. Atom, Investec, Tandem and Zenith banks all pay 2%.

For 18 months you can earn marginally more, with 2.11% from Charter Savings Bank, while the best two-year rate is 2.25% from PCF and Tandem banks.

The top rate on easy-access accounts with no withdrawals and restrictions remains at 1.3% from RCI Bank and Shawbrook Bank – the same level as before the base rate hike.

Coventry Building Society pays a slightly higher 1.4% on its Limited Access Saver, which includes a 0.25 percentage point bonus and limits you to making three free withdrawals every 12 months.

On easy-access Cash Isas the best rate comes from Virgin Money’s Double Take E-Isa at 1.35%, but you are limited to making two withdrawals a year.

Yorkshire Building Society matches this rate on its Single Access Isa, which restricts you to making withdrawals on just one day in a year – and you are moved into a lower-paying account after the first 12 months.

The top rate with no withdrawal restrictions is Shawbrook Bank Easy Access Cash Isa 4 at 1.3%.

On fixed rate Cash Isas, Paragon pays 1.55%, Bank of Cyprus 1.54% and Virgin Money 1.46% for one year. You can earn 1.5% with Coventry Building Society too, if you tie your money up until the end of November next year rather for just 12 months. 

Monmouthshire Building Society pays 1.61% for 18 months, while the best two-year rate is 1.71% from Charter Savings Bank, followed by 1.7% from Paragon.


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"Top rates stuck..." - that's a typo surely. "Top rates suck" would be more accurate.

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If enough of us write to our banks/building socieities they may get the message. After all in the long term they do need the savers!

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