Funny money: Britain’s top 'daylight robberies' revealed

5 September 2018

The cost of a wine at a fancy bar, high-street estate agent commission, restaurant service charges and veterinary bills are among some of the UK’s biggest rip-offs, according to a new study.

Online estate agent Emoov questioned more than 1,000 Brits to find out what they consider to be ‘daylight robbery’.

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Number one on the list of ‘daylight robberies’ was paying £14 for a glass of wine in a trendy bar, with 56% of those questioned saying it was the biggest rip-off.

In second place was the commission charged by estate agents, with 48% of respondents citing this as the biggest example of daylight robbery.

The 12.5% service charge added to your bill while out dining was ranked the third biggest daylight robbery, with 44% voting for it.

Consumers were also unhappy about expensive vet bills, the cost of going to the dentist and the ever-dwindling size of chocolate bars.

Despite the average UK house price being worth £228,000, this was ranked second to last.

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Russell Quirk, chief executive of, says: “Interesting, but perhaps not surprising that as a nation with a global reputation for enjoying a drink, the cost of a glass of wine ranks as number one, while higher costs that provide a better or specialist service like a vet or dentist rank a lot lower.”

Mr Quirk adds: “It also goes to show that as a nation of aspiring homeowners, even the current level of house prices isn’t enough to class buying a house as daylight robbery, but the cost of selling that house via a traditional agent is the second highest ranking.

“It makes sense as the average 1.3% commission charged by high street estate agents is by far the largest example of daylight robbery in terms of the actual monetary sum and it also demonstrates a sign of the times and a change in the consumer mentality across the UK property market.”

See the list below of what Brits consider to be the eight biggest ‘daylight robberies’ for consumers:

Which of the following common examples do you feel the term "daylight robbery" most applies to?

ExampleRank score
Paying £14 for a glass of wine at a trendy bar56%
Paying a high-street estate agent on average £4,000 in commission to sell your home48%
Having a pre-applied 12.5% service charge added to your bill in a restaurant (£12.50 on a £100 bill)44%
Paying £1,500 for the average veterinary bill32%
Paying £60 for a filling at the dentist27%
Your favourite childhood chocolate bar costing three times as much, or having its size reduced for the same price22%
The average UK house price of £228,38417%
Paying £2.50 to drive through a toll road or crossing16%

Source: Emoov, September 2018


Northwood estate agency. Cow boys

A Portsmouth estate agency called Northwood, is daylight robbery! They say been your tenants! But they subrent; & charge plenty to some one, while give you half of it for your property! Pocketing most of it & you still have to pay for repairs.... Don't go to them...

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