Deal of the week: British Airways flight deals galore

31 August 2018

Holidaymakers looking to grab a bargain should check out British Airways’ new flight sale.

What is the deal exactly?

British Airways is offering big discounts on flights and holidays from Heathrow, Gatwick and London to destinations all over the world.

City break destinations include Naples, Barcelona and Venice for less than £100, while those looking to escape to the beach can do so from £199 per person.

There’s also some great long-haul holiday offers, including three nights in New York from £399 per person and seven nights in the Seychelles from £979, all including accommodation.

Flight-only options feature heavily in the sale, with return fares starting from £317 to New York, £369 to Austin, £319 to Cancun and £399 to Singapore.

Why should I care?

If you’re planning to go away, it’s always good to book in advance as prices tend to increase as the departure date gets closer.

The higher oil price is likely to cause air fares to go up, as airlines typically pass this cost on to passengers.

So, booking early for next year means you could save money in the long run.

Customers can secure a holiday online for as little as £150 via a deposit, with the final balance due at least 10 weeks before departure. For those booking flights only, there is the option to hold a flight from £5 per person.

Top deals

  • New York from £317 return
  • Miami from £307 return
  • Antigua from £425 return
  • Bangkok from £478 return
  • Shanghai from £408 return

City breaks

  • Venice from £98 - stay at the four-star Ambasciatori hotel for two nights
  • Barcelona from £99 - stay at the four-star Atenea Valles hotel for two nights
  • Naples from £99 - stay at the four-star Grand Hotel Capodimonte for two nights
  • Malta from £101 - stay at the three-star Porto Azzurro Aparthotel for three nights
  • Amsterdam from £108 - stay at the four-star Xo Hotels Blue Square for two nights

Long-haul destinations

  • Barbados holidays from £540
  • Mauritius holidays from £799
  • Cape Town holidays from £749
  • Rio de Janeiro holidays from £679
  • Hong Kong holidays from £539

What’s the catch?

Popular routes may have limited availability, while some deals are only available on specific travel dates. The sale ends at midnight on 25 September.

Selected routes may also require a minimum stay, while some fares may be subject to booking restrictions.

What are my other options?

Other companies are offering discounted flights and holidays in September if you are looking to get away soon.

For example, Thomas Cook is offering a £100 reduction for some long-haul holiday departures from November to December, as well as £50 off winter holidays. also has some excellent offers on city breaks and flights.

Just because and airline has deals available does not necessarily mean they are the cheapest on the market, so make sure you use tools such as Skyscanner or Kayak to check the cheapest flights.

Where can I find out more?

Customers can book online at the British Airways website. For flight-only options call 0844 493 0775. For holiday packages call 0844 493 0758.


In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

Sadly, if this is like previous BA fare 'sales' it's all a huge headline-grabbing con. I no longer fly BA but used to make regular transatlantic flights with them and rarely (there was an exception - see below!) found any decent discounts on my tickets during these promos. In fact on one route I used fairly often the fares actually went up during the 'sales'. When I queried that someone in their press office told me it was normal. What I suspect they do is give away a few seats on chosen flights as a 'loss leader' then bump up everything else to cover the cost.The other annoying thing about these BA offers is that if you've booked a ticket in advance then find they've got a sale on and are offering the same seat at a lower price they won't match the revised fare. This happened to me few years ago, about a month after making the booking I found they'd dropped the fare by just under £150. When I contacted them and complained their response was 'tough'. In contrast when that had happened to me on a US carrier they matched the revised fare and refunded me the difference without any hassle at all.

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