Five cheap destinations for UK holidaymakers

21 August 2018

The prospect of booking a holiday may feel some people with dread, following sterling’s fall against most major currencies in recent months. However, it doesn’t need to.

Flight comparison site Skyscanner has highlighted five long-haul destinations that continue to offer good value for UK holidaymakers.

Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic is a prime example. The Dominican peso is down 4.29% year-on-year against the pound, while average flight prices have dropped by 6%.

If white sand and blue seas aren’t your bag, culture-filled Buenos Aires makes the list too. While flight prices are only down 1% year-on-year, the Argentine peso has fallen by 70% against the pound over the past 12 months.

Lisa Tyndall, UK market growth lead at Skyscanner, comments: “Whilst the pound has struggled against some currencies recently, there are still destinations where travellers could find their money goes further, both at the point of booking and at their destination. 

“For example, a couple travelling to Auckland this September could save a massive £762.60 in flight costs compared to the previous year, plus our data is showing hotel prices in Auckland have dropped 9% year-on-year. With the pound performing well against the New Zealand dollar, now is a great time to visit the Land of the Long White Cloud.”

See the table below for Skyscanner’s top five value long-haul destinations:

CITYAverage flight price drop year-on-yearCurrency change
Punta Cana-6%Pound is up 4.29% year-on-year against the Dominican peso
Mauritius-5%Pound is up 3.28% year-on-year against the Mauritian rupee
Cancun-2%Pound is up 5.77% year-on-year against the Mexican peso
Auckland-2%Pound is up 9.23% year-on-year against the New Zealand dollar
Buenos Aires-1%Pound is up 70.4% year-on-year against the Argentine peso

Source: Skyscanner, August 2018


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In the comparison between two airlines and how they treated customers when flights are delayed, I would just add the important fact in respect of the "bad" airline that the terrible conditions in which passengers had to wait was also the fault of the airport. The air conditioning should have been working in that heat, the plane too should have been air conditioned while waiting on the tarmac and the airport should have provided water when passengers are waiting so long at the boarding gate. Secondly, regarding "low cost" options for holiday desti nations, all of those you list are expensive long distance destinations, not somewhere you could consider for a week or long weekend, where Europe must still come first. Who is responsible for the drop in value of the £? Why, none other than the great British public who voted for Brexit.!

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On the rare occasions that something is priced at 99p. - customers invariably ask the assistant to pop the change (1p) in to a charity box... They'd [charities] lose out on quite a bit of revenue if small coins were to be abolished. Leave our coinage as it is - who does this proposal help apart from vendors being able to round everything up & banks that want to close branches all over the UK? The coins help small children to learn about money too - it's never too early to learn the value of money!

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