Funny money: weird and wonderful ways that Brits save money

13 August 2018

From taking free condiments from restaurants to using showers at the gym or office, Brits have a colourful range of money-saving methods.

Research from energy switching service The Labrador has found a panoply of curious ways in which Brits save money.

These include more typical measures such as freezing leftover food, or wearing a jumper to keep heating lower in the house, to more bizarre practices such as showering with their clothes on or pinching office supplies from their workplace.

Here are the UK’s 10 most common money-saving measures:

  1. Put on extra layers at home to save on heating – 55%
  2. Turning off or unplugging appliances at the plug – 52%
  3. Freezing food to eat after use by date – 48%
  4. Taking kids out of school during term time to take cheaper holidays – 30%
  5. Reusing water from washing up to water the garden – 27%
  6. Stocking up on free condiments from restaurants – 26%
  7. Using the gym or office showers to save water at home – 13%
  8. Stealing office supplies such as toilet roll or washing up liquid to use at home – 13%
  9. Washing clothes while in the bath or shower – 10%
  10. Keeping a jug of water by the basin for washing up – 8%

While some of these are quite typical money-saving methods, Moneywise does not recommend taking things from your workplace as this can end in you being sacked.

Jane Lucy, chief executive of The Labrador, comments: “The money-saving measures revealed in this survey - as imaginative as they are - require a huge amount of time and effort just to save a few pounds."

The survey found despite all these ingenious ideas, on average people just saved around £14 through the unusual methods. 

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