Deal of the week: free cinema tickets with packets of chocolate

3 August 2018

Cinema-goers can get ‘free’ tickets to the movies by purchasing packets of chocolate.

What’s the deal exactly?

‘Sweet Sundays’, which is run by chocolatier Mars, gives chocolate-lovers and cinephiles alike the chance to obtain free movie tickets at a range of participating cinemas.

By purchasing promotional ‘more to share’ packets of Mars branded chocolates you can get a free cinema ticket once you’ve gathered ‘10 stars’.

The larger bags sized 173g to 250g are worth five stars each, while standard promotional packets sized 91g to 140g are worth two stars each. Here’s a list of the participating chocolate brands:

  • Galaxy Caramel 135g standard block
  • Galaxy Counters 112g standard pouch
  • Galaxy Milk 110g standard block and 200g more to share block
  • Galaxy Minstrels 118g standard pouch and 210g more to share pouch
  • Maltesers 93g standard pouch and 166g more to share pouch
  • Maltesers Teasers 150g more to share block
  • Mars Bites 119g standard pouch
  • Milky Way Magic Stars 91g standard pouch
  • M&M'S Choco 133g standard pouch and 238g more to share pouch
  • M&M'S Crispy 121g standard pouch and 213g more to share pouch
  • M&M'S Mix 128g standard pouch
  • M&M'S Peanut 140g standard pouch and 250g more to share pouch
  • Revels 101g standard pouch and 173g more to share pouch
  • Snickers Bites 119g standard pouch
  • Twix Bites 119g standard pouch

To give an example, the M&M Peanut 250g more to share pouch currently costs £1.50 at Tesco, and £2 at Asda and Sainsbury’s. So, if you buy two packets from Tesco you’ll get a free cinema ticket for just £3.

Once you’ve collected enough ‘stars’, you need to enter the codes on packets on the Sweet Sundays website (see below). 

Why should I care?

Cinema tickets can be expensive. As an example, an adult ticket for the 8pm showing of Mission: Impossible – Fallout at Bedford Cineworld this Sunday at 8pm costs £10.40. So, buy the sweets mentioned above for £1.50 a packet and you’ll save £7.40 on the price of a cinema ticket.  

Plus, you’ll also have £3 worth of sweets to munch on which saves you from buying the cinema’s undoubtedly pricier versions.  

What’s the catch?

You can start buying packets of chocolate now to accumulate stars but the period in which you can obtain and use cinema tickets runs between 13 August and 18 November 2018.

Make sure when you buy a packet it has the promotional messaging on it otherwise you won’t get the reward. Moneywise recommends you buy in-store to avoid buying packets online that aren’t part of the promotion.

You can only get free tickets for Sunday showings, and you’re limited to two free cinema tickets per person.

Not all cinema brands are taking part. Here is a list of participating cinema chains: Cineworld, Empire, G1, Merlin, Moviehouse, Picturehouse, Reel, Savoy, Scott, Showcase and WTW.

What are the other options?

There are other ways to cut the cost of going to the silver screen, such as by booking online and going mid-week. Read the Moneywise guide for more tips on how to slash the cost of going to the cinema.

Where can I find out more?

Visit the Sweet Sundays website to see the full terms and conditions.


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