Half of Moneywise readers worry about their credit or debit card not working

Published by Francesca Bloor on 25 July 2018.
Last updated on 25 July 2018

Credit cards

Half (50%) of Moneywise readers are concerned about their debit or credit cards not working, the results from our latest web poll show.

As a result nearly half (45%) carry back-up payment options.

Our survey, which asked ‘Do you worry whether your debit or credit card will work?’ has revealed that 5% of Moneywise readers would even avoid banks that have had IT issues in the future.

Almost a third (32%) of readers said that they have other cards with them to use as a back-up, while a further 13% keep cash in case their card becomes out of action.

Over four in 10 (47%), however, said that card outages didn’t worry them, and 2% said they didn’t use cards at all.

The survey came after a recent issue that HSBC credit card holders had, whereby customers were experiencing missing credit card information on their online and in-app banking. The problem was soon fixed, but not soon enough to avoid a series of complaints by customers on social media.

See the full results of the poll below:

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