Superstitious Brits take more care on Friday 13th

13 July 2018

It seems that we’re a superstitious nation as there are fewer insurance claims made on Friday 13th, according to analysis of claims data.

Reviewing claims made on Friday 13th dating back to 2013, Policy Expert also found that the total amount claimed is lower on Friday 13th. For instance, this April, Friday 13th saw the cost of the average insurance claim down by £200.

The insurer also polled almost 4,000 people to find out their top superstitions. It found that almost a quarter (23%) of Brits believe walking under a ladder will bring bad luck, while 21% are wary of smashed mirrors and 19% wouldn’t leave new shoes on the table.

Brits’ top 10 superstitions:

  1. Walking under a ladder
  2. Breaking a mirror
  3. Leaving new shoes on the table
  4. Opening an umbrella inside
  5. Spilling salt and not throwing it over your shoulder
  6. The number 13
  7. Black cats crossing your path
  8. Walking over three drains in a row
  9. Crossing a knife and a fork on a dinner table
  10. Leaving a purse/wallet on the floor
Friday 13th claims data from Policy Expert:
Previous datesClaims cost (Friday 13th)Claim cost (average day)
13th September 2013£1,192£1,755
13th December 2013£895£2,317
13th June 2014£680£2,021
13th February 2015£1,115£2,188
13th March 2015£993£2,231
13th November 2015£378£883
13th May 2016£1,331£1,449
13th January 2017£1,198£1,571
13th October 2017£2,363£2,432
13th April 2018£1,099£1,299



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friday 13 means nothing to me, however my farther hated it, when he was 8 his 12 yr old sister died on friday the 13 th.

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