Over half of Moneywise readers access their savings online

10 July 2018

The results of our latest survey, asking ‘How do you manage your savings?’, show that accessing savings accounts online is most popular, with over half (56%) of readers who took part in our poll preferring the convenience of online savings.

Meanwhile, just under a quarter (24%) of those polled manage their savings using a mixture of online access, automated management of their savings using online or mobile tools, mobile apps, phone banking and visiting their branch.

Some 7% of readers use mobile apps to manage their savings, while another 7% prefer to visit their branch.

Using an automated system to manage savings was less popular, with just 4% of those polled using this method, while managing savings over the phone was the least popular choice, with only 1% picking up the phone to sort out their savings.

This poll reflects a similar trend in online banking, with a recent Moneywise survey revealing that online banking on a desktop or laptop is the most popular method, preferred by seven in 10 (70%) readers.

How do you manage your savings?

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