Consumers hit by £28 billion bill for new taxes over past 10 years

9 July 2018

Taxpayers have been billed an extra £27.9 billion since the credit crunch as a result of of new taxes, according to analysis of HMRC data.

National accountancy firm UHY Hacker Young says that eight new taxes have been introduced since 2008/09, adding 25% to the total number of taxes collected by HMRC.

These new taxes include the bank surcharge, which imposes an 8% corporation tax surcharge on the profits of banking companies above £25 million; a diverted profits tax to fight against tax avoidance schemes by multinational companies; and the government’s recent sugar tax on soft drinks.

Darren Grimes, tax partner at UHY Hacker Young, says: “The number of brand-new taxes introduced by the government clearly goes against their stated aim of tax simplification, overlaying an already complex tax system with more and more rules.”

“Past and present governments seem to be addicted to tinkering and introducing new measures, piling on the costs for businesses and individuals alike.”

“Every new tax sounds superficially attractive with admirable ends, but every new tax makes the UK a harder place to do business and helping put off inward investment.”


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Does Darren Grimes (is that really his name?) live in the real world? Failing to distinguish between taxpayers as real people and institutions such as banks reveals either disingenuousness or idiocy.

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Tax,tax,and tax again even on the state pension. It would be alright if it was a level playing field. It is not. Forgetting the big corporations, the HMRC have their favorites. i.e Farmers.. A farmer can average his income over 3 years. The self employed builder can't., he has to pay his I/ tax 12 months in ADVANCE before earning a penny. No one else has do so. The reason for this the HMRC say is that a farmers income is subject to the weather etc. Yeh, so are the self employed i.e builders.roofers, and more so. I am a flat roofing contractor. I can't work in the rain. I can't roof in the snow, I can't work all day in the hot weather, harassed by health & safety, can't put up long ladders any more. We also have to pay VAT on vehicles and materials and don't receive it back.(Unless turnover exceeds £90,000) farmers dont, they are exempt. They receive the VAT back ,especially on the 4 tracks we see all over the country. that's worth £4000. They receive grants and subsidies by the billion. Who do think are buying up property for Buy to the thousands. Yes the farmers. all paid for by the taxpayers. The biggest disgrace is the house planning. A farmer retires and has planning on his land for a property. Thats worth at least £150,000. his son wants a home , planning is given, another £150,000. His other sons and daughter also receive the same. Don't believe me.? I know of 2 families had planning for 3 each, tax free. That's for starters.

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