Moneywise users avoid pricey 118 numbers

2 July 2018
Image users prove to be savvy when it comes to calling directory enquiry services, with the overwhelming majority saying they avoid these pricey calls.

The results of our latest poll reveal that a whopping 96% think 118 calls are too pricey and they use other methods, such as free online directories, to find phone numbers.

Fewer than 1% of those who voted said they were happy to pay for 118 services, and 3% selected the ‘Other’ option when asked if they use such numbers. 

Telecoms regulator Ofcom has proposed capping the cost of 118 calls at £3.10 per 90 seconds after some users were hit with bill shock.

Some 118 providers charge as much as £15.98 per call.

Moneywise warned users to beware the hidden cost of 118 calls earlier this year, particularly the nearly four million people aged 65-plus who have never used the internet.

See the full poll results in the pie chart below.

118 pie chart


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