BT hikes prices for the second time in a year

27 June 2018

BT customers are to be hit with price rises for the second time in a year.

From 16 September, a number of BT prices will increase. The telecoms provider won’t give Moneywise a list of the exact changes but says prices will vary by customer and that users will be sent a personalised view. It also refused to tell us how many customers would be affected.   

BT last increased the cost of landline, broadband and BT Sport services by inflation busting amounts on 7 January 2018.

Key increases this time round, which Moneywise found detailed in BT’s online ‘Consumer Price Guide’, are as follows:

  • Standard line rental for those without a BT broadband and calls package is rising from £18.99 per month to £19.99 per month.

  • Line rental plus for those without a BT broadband and calls package is rising from £20 per month to £21.99 per month.

  • Calls to UK landlines made outside of your plan will rise from 13p to 15p per minute during the day and from 3p to 4p per minute in the evening.

  • Calls to mobiles made outside of your plan will rise from 16p to 17p per minute during the day and from 9p to 10p per minute in the evening.

  • A host of monthly broadband, call package and BT Sport early termination charges are also rising – the exact increase depends on the package.  

I’m affected by the price hikes? Can I cancel my contract?

BT says affected customers are able to leave without having to pay an early termination charge. They just need to contact BT within 30 days of receiving notification detailing the price changes.

What does BT say?

A spokesperson for BT says: “We are contacting our customers to inform them of changes we are making to our phone, broadband and TV services from 16 September 2018. We’re committed to providing our customers the best experience, service and value, and these changes help us to continue to invest in the services we provide to our customers.

“We continue to freeze prices for low-income customers, and for any customers who want to upgrade to our new BT Plus plans, which provide superfast and ultrafast fibre with an 18-month price freeze and unique Keep Connected Promise.”

Are other providers increasing prices?

So far this year, the following major telecoms companies have announced price hikes:

  • EE upped its broadband prices from 16 January.

  • Plusnet increased the price of some broadband packages, call charges and early termination charges from 5 June.

  • Post Office broadband and home phone customers were hit with inflation-busting price rises from 1 May.

  • Sky hiked broadband, home phone and TV costs from 1 April.


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i am leaving BT because of price increase but swapping over will be all be done by my new supplier and will be done within 2weeks, because of this BT charge's you a leaving fee - as you did not contact BT direct, why is this info not stated on this web page That you must contact BT direct and will be charged if it is done through your new supplier

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So pray tell, what is the point of a contract if BT can effectively break it twice in a year?

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I cancelled my BT subscription (TV & Phone) early last year if I recall correctly but at the start of this year I read an article on informing us that BT were REDUCING their line rental charges for customers with only line rental BT services and it was by a decent amount too taking effect from April 2018 I believe. What's happening with that? As for their refusal to answer some of your very reasonable questions (answers to which I would like to know) it's very arrogant, a bit like Mr O'Leary of Ryannair who believes that the service they offer is so great, poor customer satisfaction levels aren't a real worry. Well, BT no longer have a monopoly on phone and broadband and are relatively new to the TV business, anyone getting ripped off after September 2018 only have themselves to blame, it's July now so plenty of time to start looking elsewhere. I guarantee that before BT put their prices up in 3 months' time consumers can find cheaper deals elsewhere. They're not loyal to you so why be loyal to them? If you can't answer, switch!

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When. Are we in rural areas going to get value for our money

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BT i would not trust you as far as i could throw you you need to change your name to RIP OFF B.T.whats up your CEO down to his last couple of million,put prices up to give them a 50% rise and put a million in there pension pot.without your customers you would be NOTHING.

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My "personalised" letter received today from BT. In addition to all increases already mentioned, if I still wish to receive a paper bill I will have to pay an additional £3 each time.

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BT is hitting it's customers again for the companies own failures.Change at the top is necessary and concentrate on it's core business.

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