Student Loans Company extends maintenance loans to part-time students

18 June 2018

For the first time, part-time students will be able to apply for maintenance loans to help with the cost of higher education.

Students in England starting a part-time course in the 2018/19 academic year will be able to apply for a maintenance loan under new plans from the Student Loans Company (SLC). Part-time students can also apply for a tuition fee loan. Extra help is available for students with disabilities.

The new maintenance loan is available for part-time students starting their course on or after 1 August 2018. How much students receive will depend on where they live, household income and course intensity. The number of module credits studied in an academic year must be at least 25% that of a full-time student.

Derek Ross, SLC executive director of operations, says that students should apply directly on the {student finance site} and do so as soon as possible to ensure their funding is in place at the start of their course.


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Poor article! Says nothing about repayment terms/interest.

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