Would you spend £80,000 on your best friends?

15 June 2018

Having a best friend can cost you more than £26,000 over a lifetime, according to research from cashback site TopCashback .

In fact, Brits could be spending up to £80,000 on friends as more than half (51%) said they had up to three best friends.

This comes from an array of expenditure on your best mates, from helping them move (£141) to birthday gifts (£3,498), or weddings (£645). Even when your best pal goes through a break-up it will cost you, on average, £202.

The research uncovered avarice among some Brits – more than one in five (22%) say their friend has spent more on them than in return.  On average, though, a close friendship lasts only 20 years, for a cost of £8,651.

One in 10 (9%) tragically thinks they would have more friends if they spent more money on them.

Abigail Sutton, spokesperson for TopCashback.co.uk. comments: “Those friendships which stand the test of time are often the most important in our lives; however, they come at a cost. From train tickets once a month to flights and a new dress for a wedding in France, the price paid for having a best mate can soon add up.

“However, when we asked people to compare their friendship to the monetary investment, only 13% thought their friendship was equal to their investment with the majority thinking it was worth much more. Despite being happy to make the investment, shopping around for the best deals and earning cashback where possible allows for costs to be reduced without compromising on a friendship.

“Equally, friends can sometimes make you money; lots of companies, including TopCashback, have a friend referral scheme which means you earn money from them signing up to a service or offer.”


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Very sad to read an article analysing the cost of friends. If spending money on friends is a source of concern, then we have seriously misunderstood what friendship is about. I’m just sorry I don’t have more money to spend on friends.!!

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Marketing drivel!

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