Most Moneywise readers still use landlines at home (but only just)

15 June 2018

Landlines remain the most popular to make phone calls from home, according to the results of Moneywise’s latest reader poll.

Almost half (48%) prefer to use their landline if they can. However, mobiles came a close second at 45%, polling just 31 fewer votes. These two methods were by far the most popular, accounting for 93% of all responses. 

A long way behind came WhatsApp with 5%, followed by Skype (1%), and various other free call services filled out the final 2%. 

Some readers comment that what method you use, and whether it is cheap or free, depends on what contract you have and what kind of calls you make. Calls could be free on your mobile or landline, or on neither, and per-minute call charges vary enormously to landlines and mobiles both nationally and internationally.

As WhatsApp users can make free calls anywhere in the world it can be a popular choice for regular travellers and holidaymakers. “People seem to use WhatsApp a lot for overseas comm,” one reader says.

However, another reader points out that 'free' calls are not totally free: "So-called free call services are only that if you have paid for appropriate access via smartphone or table or similar. Having paid for the line service, as you might pay for a mobile phone contract, for instance, calls from my landline are as 'free' as other people's calls from their electronic devices."
There were some complaints about having to pay for a landline even if you never make calls on it.

One reader comments: “My landline broke approx two years ago and is NOT being missed, would happily get rid of it if it wasn’t for the broadband (my son gets the deals AND pays for it) so now it’s simply a waste of dosh.”

However, another reader, despite having no home phone, took a more generous view: “My landline is unused for phone calls as there is no phone plugged in, but I need it for broadband, so it’s not wasted, is it?”

Thank you to the 954 readers who responded. Why not vote in next week’s poll, which asks the question “Are you planning to remortgage?



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