EDF to pay £350,000 after missing smart meter targets

15 June 2018

EDF Energy is to pay £350,000 after the Big Six supplier missed its target to install smart meters.

Under the government’s smart meter roll-out programme, suppliers are required by law to take “all reasonable steps” to roll out these energy gadgets to all homes and small businesses by the end of 2020.

To work towards this, suppliers with more than 250,000 customers must set individual annual targets for smart meters to be installed, which Ofgem monitors.

The energy regulator says these targets aren’t disclosed for commercial reasons, but as of March 2018, 11 million smart meters had been installed in total.

However, EDF Energy has agreed to pay £350,000 into Ofgem’s consumer redress fund after missing its target for 2017.

The delay comes after one energy chief executive told Moneywise in January that firms “don’t have a prayer” of installing smart meters in time for 2020. 

Commenting on the missed targets, Jim Poole, director of customer operations at EDF Energy, says: “EDF Energy is working hard to meet its smart meter programme objectives, delivering the benefits of smart meters to our customers, and we are disappointed that we were three weeks late in reaching our 2017 target.

“During 2017, we doubled our smart meter installation rates and employed more people to install smart meters. We recovered the shortfall quickly in 2018 and are on target for this year.”

The smart meter roll-out has been dogged with issues since it began in 2016. Moneywise has spoken to readers who felt pressured into getting smart meters and who were wrongly told meters were compulsory, while most providers have only installed first-generation smart meters – known as SMETS1 meters – which can stop working if you switch supplier.


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Smart Meters ???? A load of BULL

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What is "Smart" f tese so called Smart Meters? A load of Bull.

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Edf energy have told me I cannot have a smart meter as I am on prepayment n

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It is unfair to fine the companies as every article I read has a negative stance on the meters. I don't want one until they have the new generation of meter.

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Now I thought we did not have to have smart meters. So how can they set a target that depends on finding people who will accept them? I might be interested if, and only if, they work with all suppliers. At the moment if I have one installed by my current supplier and change supplier, then I have to have another one installed and so on. Sorry one installation is enough.

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I have had two smart meters installed, one by OVO which was not compatible with Scottish Gas who fitted new ones. I have since changed supplier twice and the smart meters stopped working and don't seem to be compatible with any other company. The whole thing is a joke, the Government encourages you to shop around for energy but whats the point of fitting smart meters that are not compatible with new suppliers!

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Yeah thay may pay now for missing their target, but it's EDF customers who will end up paying in the longer term because they will just continue to increase their tariifs to pay for it.

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