Thieves target holidaymakers before they even board the plane

12 June 2018

More than one in 10 Brits (11%) say they have fallen victim to pickpockets at the airport, or know someone who has, according to a new report.

Insurer Policy Expert’s poll of more than 4,700 people found that almost half (46%) have already planned to go away this summer, while 13% are still undecided. Yet 11% admit that they won’t take out travel insurance and 25% won’t have away-from-home cover included in their home insurance policy. Over a third (37%) aren’t sure if their possessions are insured away from ho

Below are the top 10 items most targeted by thieves:

1. Money/currency

2. Phone

3. Sunglasses

4. Purse/wallet

5. Camera

6. Hand luggage bag

7. Jewellery

8. Passport/travel documents

9. Tablet/iPad

10. Laptop

Holidaymakers take, on average, luggage worth almost £400. However, one in five takes items worth between £501 and £1,000 while one in 20 (6%) carry items worth between £1,001 and £2,000. 

Adam Powell, operations director at Policy Expert, comments: “Keep an eye on your luggage, currency and any items purchased at the airport and be vigilant around others. Also check whether your home insurance policy includes away-from-home cover – this will reimburse you should a personal possession be lost or stolen while out of the house at the airport. The last thing you want is for thieves to spoil your holiday before you’re even up in the air.”

Policy Expert’s tips for protecting your valuables at the airport are as follows:  

1. Consolidate your items before going through security. Keep your purse, money, jewellery and your travel documents in your bag or jacket and then put them straight in the security trays provided. This will help to prevent any items being snatched or left behind.

2. Don’t put your items through the X-ray machine before it’s your turn to walk through the security scanner. 

3. Avoid leaving small valuable items unattended, such as a phone or purse, on table-tops in airport restaurants and coffee shops.

4. Keep your bag where you can see it. If you can, place your chair leg through a bag handle to make it harder to move.

5. If you’re using a cash machine or buying currency, be wary of who is around you and make sure your PIN is covered at all times.

6. Thieves often work in groups, so try not to be distracted by commotion or attention which could be a ploy.

7. If you do notice a missing item, report it immediately so that airport security have a chance to catch the thief and recover your personal items. 

8. Check whether your home insurance policy includes away-from-home cover so that you know you’re covered if you are a victim of theft.


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Number 2. Who ever wrote this article has obviously never been through airport security, the trays are shoved through xray machines by airport security before you even get through the scanner, your trays are always unattended at the end of the xray machines conveyor belt. So anyone could take the chance of taking your possessions.

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What is away from home cover.

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It's all very well to say "2. Don’t put your items through the X-ray machine before it’s your turn to walk through the security scanner. ", the staff often don't give you a choice in the matter... I even commented last time I went through Stansted that I was twitchy letting my valuables out of my sight: the bloke on the machine laughed and said "a thief standing so I can see the tray containing my belongings while they pat me down.

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