MPs have 'lost confidence' in TSB boss

8 June 2018

MPs on the Treasury Committee have ‘lost confidence’ in Paul Pester, TSB’s chief executive, following the bank’s computer meltdown.

Nicky Morgan MP, chair of the Committee, has written to Richard Meddings, chair of TSB, to voice the committee’s concerns about Dr Pester’s continuing as the bank’s chief executive, saying the TSB board should give “serious consideration” as to whether continuing in his role was “sustainable”

Ms Morgan says that the committee is concerned that if Dr Pester continues in his position, “this could damage trust not only in TSB, but in the retail banking sector as a whole”.

Mrs Morgan adds: “Since the IT problems at TSB began, its public communications have often been complacent and misleading. This tone has been set from the top – by Paul Pester – and whether intentionally or not, he has not been straight with the Committee and TSB customers.

“Dr Pester’s statements that ‘everything is running smoothly for the vast majority of our […] customers’ and that ‘there will be no barriers’ to customers switching accounts, and his denial that there were problems on TSB’s fraud reporting line, are all examples of this.”

Earlier this week, the Financial Conduct Authority launched an investigation into TSB, saying that Dr Pester had offered an “optimistic view” of the scale of the bank’s problems. Dr Pester apologised to the Committee earlier this week for the extensive problems experienced by customers. 







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June 9th: still locked out. System claims my telephone-number has the wrong format. Checked with humans, once I'd got through, and it's the right format and the right number. Nobody DOES anything. Fixing the 'wrong format' problem, which has been INTRODUCED 2-3 weeks ago requires simply one line of code or perhaps commenting-out the erroneous code. I've telephoned people, I've faxed my branch (since nobody answers the 'phone) and I've contacted the Ombudsman, which to its credit has responded rapidly to me. Can it influence the idlers and fools at TSB?

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Dear All, I have e-mailed TSB's CEO several times and have received NO Acknowledgement or Action.I had also undertaken an On Line Complaint, but discovered, thereafter, their System would NOT let you copy a transcript of same.I have had 2 (two) separate holding letters asking myself to bear with them re the Complaint - yet I see that some Customers HAVE had Action and Compensation!No doubt Dr. Paul Pester will leave TSB with a Golden Goodbye Financial Package.Very disappointed and aggrieved long-term Customer.Ray

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Pot, kettle and black spring to mind. He is no worse than our MP's!

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