Over two-thirds of Moneywise.co.uk users access their current account by online banking

8 June 2018

As recently reported in Moneywise, mobile banking is predicted to overtake online banking by next year – but not among our readers.

The results of our latest survey, asking ‘How do you access your current account?’, show that online banking on desktop or laptop is the most popular method of access, preferred by 70% of readers who responded.

The next most popular method is using a mobile banking app on your phone, preferred by 14% of readers, closely followed by in-branch banking, which was ticked by 12% of respondents.

Telephone banking was chosen by 3% of respondents, 1% answered “other” and less than 1% said they primarily used postal banking.

Announcements of the death of branch banking are premature, if comments by Moneywisereaders are any indication of a general trend. Visiting a branch was selected by about as many people as mobile banking. 

One reader said: “I use online the most, but I can easily contact a knowledgeable person on the phone and I can get into a branch by bus in the event of a real emergency – like when my wallet was inside my car which was inside my garage when it got hit by a refuse truck and the car was not accessible. Yes, these things can happen!”

Another reader commented: “I ticked ‘online banking’ because that’s where I do most stuff, but I do go into my local branch to withdraw cash (I need it in £5 notes and the ATMs can't oblige).”

The survey shows that bank users may prefer one method of access but still want a choice to suit to their specific daily needs, as summed up by another reader who commented: “Multiple answers are needed for this question as I use online and branches for my current account.”

Thanks to the 724 people who voted in our poll, which ran between 29 May and 5 June. Please take part in our new poll, which asks: How do you make phone calls at home?

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