Girl Guides to earn 'Saver badge' to encourage financial savviness

1 June 2018

Girl Guides will soon be able to earn a badge for being financial savvy as the Girlguiding organisation launches a new programme of badges and activities this summer.

The new ‘Saver badge’ is being launched in partnership with financial services provider Legal & General, and will be available for 105,000 10 to 14-year-old Girl Guides to earn.   

The five-year partnership between Girlguiding and Legal & General is aimed at helping give girls access to the skills and understanding needed to help improve their confidence in managing their personal finances and financial decision making.

Activities to earn the badge include thinking about how to save time and money to do the things that matter most to the girls.

Other types of saving will also be factored into the badge, such as minimising energy consumption for the good of the environment (and their wallets).

Girlguiding advocate, Adeola Gbakinro, 21, explains: “Learning how to manage money isn’t something that is taught in school like other subjects are, and so often it’s not until you get your first job or start university that you learn about budgeting and saving. The new Saver badge will be a great opportunity for girls to learn more about saving for the future and become financially savvy.”

Here at Moneywise we have long recognised the importance of teaching children about money from an early age, and we run a Get Financial Education Working Campaign along with a Personal Finance Teacher of the Year Award, with this year’s winners set to be announced on 7 June.

‘Fun opportunity to learn about saving time, money and resources’

Jess Bond, lead volunteer for Girlguiding’s new programme comments: “It is very exciting for Girlguiding to be partnering with Legal & General to empower girls with the financial skills and knowledge needed for their futures.

“The introduction of the new Saver badge for Guides, which will fit within the ‘Skills for my future’ theme in the new programme, will provide girls with a fun opportunity to learn more about saving time, money and resources.”

Helena Morrissey, Legal & General Investment Management’s head of personal investing, adds: “I loved my time as a Brownie and recognise now that the experience really helped me to grow in confidence as I learned new skills.

“I’m delighted that Legal and General is now sponsoring the new Saver badge, encouraging Guides to develop their understanding of money and other resources. We’re really looking forward to developing a long-term partnership with Girlguiding and will be announcing additional activities together over coming months, designed to further girls' financial capability and entrepreneurship.”

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