£400 energy bill hikes coming - are you affected?

29 May 2018

Households are set to be hit with big energy price rises as 95 fixed deals come to an end in the next few weeks.

Price comparison site uSwitch has found that 27 different providers have 95 fixed tariff deals expiring in the final days of May and during the month of June.

The average customer will be hit by price hikes of £166 when their fixed tariff expires and they are moved onto a standard variable tariff (SVR).

However, some customers will be hit with larger hikes with uSwitch finding that customers of Go Effortless Energy will be worst affected with a hike of £401. This is followed by Npower with £399 hikes and Scottish Power with a £365 hike.

Of the 27 providers with expiring deals, eight have officially announced price increases in 2018 – including British Gas, EDF, Npower, and Scottish Power. Customers with Big Six suppliers face average annual rises of £226.

Shona Eyre, energy expert at uSwitch.com, comments on these increases: “After shock price rises earlier this year, some households are now facing a double whammy bill hike of nearly £400. It’s crucial that people take action when their fixed plan comes to an end or when their energy company puts prices up.

“A spate of price rises from the larger suppliers recently has put household purse strings up and down the country under even more pressure. At the same time, challenger suppliers are topping the customer service and best-buy tables. With over 12 million households on rip-off tariffs still paying over the odds for their gas and electricity, now is the time for customers to show suppliers they won’t be taken for granted.”

Households are being reminded that rules allow them to switch energy deal penalty-free if they are at least 42 days away from the expiration of their fixed tariff contract.

Ms Eyre adds: “Over five million people voted with their feet last year, switched supplier and saved up to £491. It only takes 10 minutes to save on your bills, as well as protect yourself from further price rises if you lock in a cheaper fixed deal.”

See the table below for the 20 fixed deals with the largest price increase on moving to the SVR ending in May and June 2018:

Top 20 fixed deals ending May and June 2018

SupplierPlanEnd dateAverage priceRollover plan nameCost pre price riseCost post price rise
Go Effortless EnergyApril 2017 v106/06/2018914.96SVT April 2018 v1£401.30N/A
npowerFeel Good Fix June 201830/06/2018831.36Standard SC£334£399
npowerFeel Good Fix May 201831/05/2018861.47Standard SC£304£369
ScottishPowerHelp Beat Cancer Fixed Price Energy June 2018 Online30/06/2018845.57Standard£301£365
ScottishPowerOnline Fixed Price Energy June 201830/06/2018893.57Standard£253£317
npowerOnline Price Fix May 201831/05/2018923.72Standard SC£242£306
EDF EnergyBlue+Price Freeeeze June 201830/06/2018854.88Standard (Variable)£287£303
Green Network EnergyGNE Italian Touch 12 Month Fixed V501/06/2018826.32GNE Standard Var V1294.59N/A
Green Network EnergyGNE Italian Touch 12 Month Fixed V618/06/2018844.32GNE Standard Var V1276.59N/A
TOTO EnergyTOTO Wholesale Saver 217/06/2018932.46TOTO Smart Plain and Simple260.51N/A
ScottishPowerOnline Fixed Price Energy June 2018 v230/06/2018952.38Standard£195£259
First UtilityFirst Fixed June 2018 v330/06/2018884.98First Variable246.74N/A
First UtilityFirst Fixed May 2018 v4 Online31/05/2018892.8First Variable238.92N/A
SSESSE 1 Year Fixed v1113/06/2018876.68Standard232.03N/A
Green Network EnergyGNE Italian Touch Green 12 Month Fixed V501/06/2018891.42GNE Standard Var V1229.49N/A
First UtilityFirst Fixed May 2018 v7 Online31/05/2018908.51First Variable223.21N/A
First UtilityFirst Fixed May 2018 v5 Online31/05/2018913.57First Variable218.15N/A
Breeze EnergyBreeze All Good June v118/06/2018849.19Breeze Standard Variable£217.20N/A
British GasHomeEnergy Fixed Jun 201830/06/2018919.86Temporary June 2019£181£241
E.ONE.ON Saver Fixed 1 Year v913/05/2018936.91E.ON Energy Plan£187£217

Source: uSwitch.com correct as of 22 May, 2018


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No mention of Utility Warehouse at Uswitch is there? Is that because they do not like paying Uswitch to put them into some spurious comparison site like Google Ad Words? The higher up the rank you are the more it costs? Is it because there are more utilities than just Gas and Electricity that one can save a huge amount on? You are only giving part of the picture AND you are only comparing energy with energy. Moneywise you of all comparison sites know that UW are winners in many many categories other than price.

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My on line fixed price energy expires in December '18 but I am being hit with an 18.63% increase with Scottish Power in 2 weeks time. Is this legal? I think not. It is not the first time Scottish Power have increased prices for fixed tariffs part way through the term, so I am off to find an alternative supplier. The Energy Club seems a good start.

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We have no gas supply and are dependent on electricity for all our energy needs. For years, EDF has been good value and price rises manageable.Every year I check with a comparison web site and EDF has remained very competitive. Until now.This time, the price rise is huge and we will be changi g supplier.Still a big rise in prices but not as much as EDF.The reason, political tinkering with the market in the form of the price cap. A short sited, half baked, political gesture of a policy that should never have been implemented.

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Sainsbury Energy based my DD since August 2017 on my previous years consumption and put me on a fixed price deal until August 2019. However although my consumption has not significantly increased and although Sainsbury Energy decided what my monthly DD should be I find myself over £750 in debit at the end of this quarter.Sainsbury appear unable to answer why I'm in such an arrears when they determined my DD.

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No mention of Cooperative Energy; for customers whose tariffs that ends on 31 May the co-op is offering a new fixed term deal that is actually a little lower than the expiring deal! Well done the co-op.And by the way - anyone that uses 'uSwitch' should be careful - their findings are extremely unreliable; there is only one way to get an accurate comparison. Use the Kwh rates + any daily charges and do your own calculations. uSwitch tends to compare what would happen if you were switched to your existing supplier's highest variable tariff.

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"Households are being reminded that rules allow them to switch energy deal penalty-free if they are at least 42 days away from the expiration of their fixed tariff contract."Surely this is incorrect!?

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Such articles should include with the annual cost, the number of units p.a. used as a comparison plus individual supplier's unit cost and daily standing charge.Thank you

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