Home buyers want warmth, security and fast broadband

Published by Holly Black on 04 May 2018.
Last updated on 30 April 2019

Broadband speeds

Homeowners trying to sell their property should check that their home is warm and secure and, ideally, should have a garden and a reliable broadband connection.

Research by comparison site GoCompare reveals the top 20 features buyers are looking for in a home – and they might not be what you expect.

Central heating, double glazing and secure doors and windows topped buyers’ must-have list, with 82%, 80%, and 74% respectively saying these are features they look for when viewing a property.

Some 69% of prospective buyers would like a garden, while a good internet connection made it into the top five property must-haves for the first time, with 59% of people saying it’s important.

A driveway or parking space and easy access to local shops and amenities also feature in the top 10 items on buyers’ priority lists.

Meanwhile, several home improvements failed to make it into the top 20 property must-haves. Just one in 20 buyers is bothered about period features, while only 9% are looking for open-plan living spaces. Other features that are not so important to buyers include adding a conservatory (19%) or wood floors (13%) and being close to good local schools (13%). 

GoCompare spokesperson Ben Wilson says: “Before viewing properties it is helpful to think about your real ‘must-have’ priorities and connectivity and energy efficiency are two massive factors. 

“Likewise, a broadband signal fast enough for streaming and a reliable mobile phone signal are deemed home essentials today, and sellers need to be wise to these new priorities.”

Top 20 property must-haves
1 Central heating 82%
2 Double glazing 80%
3 Secure doors and windows 74%
4 Garden 69%
5 Good, reliable broadband connection sufficiently strong to stream films and TV 59%
6 Plenty of electrical sockets 59%
7 Local shops and amenities 58%
8 Driveway or dedicated parking space 53%
9 Reliable, clear mobile phone signal 53%
10 Good energy efficiency rating 52%
11 At least two toilets 52%
12 Friendly neighbours 51%
13 Bath tub 50%
14 Shower cubicle 49%
15 Cavity wall insulation 46%
16 Living room big enough for a large, flat screen TV  42%
17 Garage 41%
18 Dining room 40%
19 Landline telephone 39%
20 New boiler or central heating system 37%
Source: GoCompare


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Life still does exist without

Life still does exist without a mobile phone signal. A mobile signal didn't feature on our must haves when we moved 18 months. Just as well, as there isn't one, not even in the vicinity. We can send a text by holding the phone above the toilet cistern in the bathroom, though ! Life goes on. A plus point is that it quells the enthusiasm of the smart meter pushers, as having tested the meter location and finding no signal, the electricity company now know it's a non-starter..