Wedding guests spend £300 on the Big Day

4 May 2018

Guests are shelling out £303 on attending a wedding, with bridesmaids and ushers spending up to an eye-watering £553 each, according to new research.

American Express’ latest research into wedding costs shows Brits will collectively spend an eye-watering £15 billion a year attending weddings this year. 

A third of us plan to attend at least one wedding in 2018, spending an average of £303 on gifts, travel, accommodation and an outfit. But, with Brits attending, on average, three weddings a year, it means we could spend more than £900 in 2018 on these events. 

For those in the wedding party the costs are even higher. Bridesmaids will typically spend £462 in the run-up to the day, while ushers splurge even more averaging out at £553 each. 

Generous guests will typically spend £57 on a wedding gift for the happy couple and a further £54 on a hotel and £50 on their outfit. 

Travel will set you back an average of £42, drinks £36 and hair and beauty £22. Meanwhile, the hen or stag do is likely to cost £42. 

For bridesmaids, the biggest outlay will be the hen do at an average of £96 with the hotel coming in next at £93. Ushers spend a similar amount, splashing out £83 on the stag do but £101 on the hotel.

But guests are cutting back. Analysis from American Express shows the average spend has fallen by £129 from £432 last year.

Maggie Boyle, director at American Express, says: “There are few greater honours than being asked to celebrate a couple’s wedding day, but the costs can mount up, especially if the invitations are arriving thick and fast. 

“Wedding guests putting their spending on a credit card should be sure to use one that offers cashback or rewards to ensure they can get something back for themselves once the confetti has  settled.” 

The average cost of attending a wedding
Hen/stag do£42
Hair and beauty£22


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