TSB boss 'can't give date' for when banking chaos will end

3 May 2018

TSB chief executive Paul Pester faced a grilling by MPs on the Treasury Select Committee this week about when customers can expect to see an end to the bank’s online banking crisis.

Despite the online banking fiasco now being well into its second week, Mr Pester says he cannot confirm when the bank's IT problems will be resolved.

Asked when will the shambles be over, he said: “We’re working very hard on fixing this, but I can’t give you a date.”

He went on to say that he didn’t “want to mislead our customers” by doing so.

While Mr Pester’s pay and bonus package won’t be decided until the end of the year, he will give up a £2 million bonus related to the computer integration.

He went on to say that both TSB’s mobile app and online banking were back up to the usual rate of around 95% of successful log-ins, adding that “the underlying engine of the bank” was running well.

TSB posted a tweet today, saying that customers can use the Post Office to access some of its banking services, saying: “We’re sorry for any difficulty customers may have had and are working 24/7 to put things right. 

"Customers can use @PostOfficefor some banking services such as paying in cash or cheques using a pre-printed slip and check personal account balances.”

In response, one angry customer tweeted: “Hard to believe but @TSBare [sic] now telling customers to go to the Post Office! This is 2 weeks after their [sic] system update!”

Money expert and founder of the Savvy Woman website Sarah Pennells says she found the Treasury Select Committee’s session with Mr Pester hard to watch, tweeting: “I've watched less than 5 minutes of @PaulPester's evidence to the Treasury Select Committee on @tsbquestioned by @NickyMorgan01 & already I'm shouting at the computer and huffing. Terrible attitude from a CEO!”



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The bonus that the ceo was due, had the transition to the self-standing TSB version from the previous Lloyds-TSB one worked seamlessly, is not only obscene but demonstrates how this fat cat is totally dependent on the IT engineers for its success.

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I haven't had access to my TSB account online since the start of the problems and I still can't get online.

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