Claim automatic refunds on delayed Tube journeys

26 April 2018

Passengers automatically claimed back more than £80,000 in rail refunds for more than one million delayed journeys in London last year, using a free claim-back service. 

Reeclaim will automatically check your Tube or train journey in London to see if you are due a refund. To calculate the delay, Reeclaim software will check the time you checked in and checked out with your Oyster or contactless card and will compare this with the average journey time.

If there is a delay, Reeclaim will submit a refund on your behalf. Regardless of how you paid for your fare, it will arrange for your account to be credited with the equivalent to a single pay-as-you-go fare.  

Passengers are entitled to a refund after their train is delayed by 15 minutes or more on London Underground and 30 minutes or more on London Overground, TFL Rail and Docklands Light Railway (DLR). 

However, planned engineering work, strikes, security alerts, bad weather and incidents caused by customers are not eligible for a refund.

If your claim is successful, the refund will be credited to your online TfL account and will then either be used to top up your Oyster card or can be refunded on to your contactless card.

If you use a device such as an Android Pay smartphone or Apple Pay device, currently there is no option to register them on TfL directly. However, if a card is registered on TfL and is used on an Apple or android device, refunds can still be automatically claimed.

Tourists or other passenger who may not want a web credit can arrange to have a refund to their nominated bank account via their TfL account.

To be eligible to claim, passengers need to create a free online TfL account, add their travel cards (Oyster and Contactless) and then register on the Reeclaim website giving your TfL log-in details – it does not need access to your bank account details.

Reeclaim founder, Zevi Sternlicht, who has a programming background, set up the site after he requested a refund from TfL and found the process very time-consuming.

He says: “With almost two million commuter hours lost on average each month due to delays, we are here to give consumers the refunds they deserve, minus the hassle of having to manually claim back on every delayed journey. 

“We are not associated with TfL, nor do we take any commission, so the user gets to keep the whole amount of the refund – we intend to keep it that way too.”


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