A 2018 pay rise is in the cards for almost half of Moneywise users

27 April 2018

Almost half (44%) of Moneywise.co.uk readers have received a pay rise this year or are expecting to get one later in the year.

Official figures show that wages have grown at a faster rate than inflation for the first time in a year, offering respite to struggling households. 

Average wages excluding bonuses were up by 2.8% in the three months to the end of February. Meanwhile, inflation fell to 2.5%, from 2.7% the previous month. 

Meanwhile, latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show that average weekly earnings climbed to £513. 

Some 15% of Moneywise readers polled have received a pay rise of 2.8% or more in 2018, and a further 17% have secured a pay rise of less than 2.8%. 

Meanwhile, 11% are expected to see their earnings increase later this year and some 1% of those surveyed have seen their wage increase because they have changed jobs.

But not everyone is enjoying wage rises this year. More than one in five people we asked – 21% – say they have not received a pay rise and don’t expect to. A further 20% have not received a pay rise but plan to ask for one. 

Other readers won’t have the chance to ask for a wage increase – some 23% of those polled are retired, with a further 5% self-employed and 2% unemployed. 

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