TalkTalk is the most complained-about broadband and phone provider

19 April 2018

TalkTalk has received the most complaints about its broadband and landline service, according to the latest complaints league table published by the communications regulator.

The company topped Ofcom’s list of most complained-about broadband and landline providers between October and December 2017, with 31 complaints per 100,000 broadband customers and 23 per 100,000 landline customers.

This compares with 30 complaints per 100,000 broadband customers and 21 complaints per 100,000 landline customers in the previous quarterly report between July and September 2017.

Ofcom says that complaints against TalkTalk were mainly for faults and other service problems.

A spokesperson for TalkTalk told Moneywise: “We always strive to provide the best possible experience and are disappointed by these results. Ofcom’s historical data reflects a short period last year which coincided with the closure of our contact centre in India.

"The move was part of a major investment to improve our services but caused some temporary disruption for customers. We continue to roll out service improvements, including new online tools to help customers resolve issues more quickly and conveniently.”

For landline complaints, TalkTalk was closely followed by Plusnet and the Post Office, both on 21 complaints per 100,000 landline customers. Sky received the least complaint – at just six.

For broadband complaints, Plusnet and BT were the next most complained-about companies, each with 27 complaints per 100,000 customers. Sky had the least complaints, with just seven complaints per 100,000 from its broadband customers.

Mobile services: BT and Vodafone suffered the highest complaint level of complaints for mobile services – at 11 per 100,000 customers. Complaints for both providers mainly related to handling, billing, prices and charges. Meanwhile, Tesco was the least-complained-about mobile provider, receiving just one complaint.

Pay TV: BT received the most complaints about Pay TV, with 18 complaints per 100,000 customers, compared with 10 for TalkTalk and nine for Virgin. Sky had the fewest Pay TV complaints at just two per 100,000 customers.  

Jane Rumble, Ofcom’s director of consumer policy, comments: “These figures give people the information they need to shop around and compare providers’ performance.

“The scorecards also motivate companies to improve their performance, and we want to see them follow through on their promises to give customers better service.”

Home broadband complaints per 100,000 customers:

Home broadbandOfcom
Virgin Media14
Industry average18

Home telephone complaints per 100,000 customers:

Post Office21
Virgin Media11
Industry Average13

Pay monthly' mobile telephony complaints per 100,000 customers:

Virgin Mobile10
TalkTalk Group7
Three UK3
EE (aggregrate of T-Mobile, Orange & 4GEE)3
Tesco Mobile1
Industry Average5

Pay TV complaints per 100,000 customers:

Pay TVOfcom
TalkTalk Group10
Virgin Media9
Industry Average5

Source: Ofcom, April 2018


In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

After many weeks Talk-Talk have still not rectified problems with my 94 year old mother's phone. The complaint handling service operated by Talk-Talk is absolutely useless. It is impossible to imagine how such a large company can exist with such an inept offshore Customers Services operation. It takes hours & hours of phone calls but even then problems remain unresolved. Staff do not write down details of cases which means it has to be explained every single time. Beyond belief! The issues have still not been resolved despite the urgency due to my mothers very poor state of health.

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

I started a Talk Talk broadband/landline contract on February 2018. So far the broadband service has been very good. However, the landline only worked for about 2 days on 27 & 28 February. In other words I have had no land line service for 59 days out of 61 since the contract began..I complained & all I got was a letter from the customer service manager to say that he was unhappy to hear that i was unhappy ....... I shall shortly be in touch with Offcom

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

Talk Talk always comes up with a reason for their appalling service. I left them 5 years ago after I had no broadband or phone line for almost 4 weeks including over the Xmas period. When I stopped paying them they threatened me with legal action ! If they were the only broadband provider left on the planet I'd probably revert to carrier pigeons than use their services ever again

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

Talk Talk are beyond bad - their actions did more to harm my business than any thing I could imagine. Appalling disregard for the consequences of their actions - and I was a business customer paying extra for their "service".It was like being the subject of a denial of service attack, but actually paying for the privilege. This is not just the average amount of attention as a normal customer. I am talking about their "Chief Executive's Office" where they would have you believe a letter to Dido Harding - the incumbent at that time - your case was attended to. I suspect a ruse.Try Plusnet. Even though owned by BT, a delight to deal with.

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