Superstitious behaviour cuts insurance claims

Nyree Stewart
13 April 2018

More cautious behaviour caused by the superstition of Friday the 13thbeing an ‘unlucky’ day, means insurance claims have fallen on the date in recent years. 

Data from Policy Expert shows there have been fewer insurance claims made on Friday 13thon the last nine occasions the date has occurred stretching back to 2013. In addition, the total claim costs have tended to fall below the total costs for an average day in the month. 

Most recently the average insurance claim costs fell £69 on 13 October 2017, while the average claims fell £373 in January 2017 and by £118 in May 2017. Although the largest fall occurred on 13 December 2013, when the insurance claims fell £1,422 below the average for the month.

The research also shows that among the top 10 superstitions that could be helping insurance claims fall, almost a quarter (23%) of the UK won’t walk under ladders, while one in five (21%) are wary of smashed mirrors, in case it brings bad luck.  

Adam Powell, head of operations at Policy Expert, says: “Friday the 13th is renowned for being unlucky, and our figures show Brits are as superstitious as ever. In fact, the nation is taking so much care on the luckless date that claims tend to fall. That being said, if you’re one of the millions of people watching your step this Friday 13th, make sure your home insurance policy is up to date and you’ve checked the small print to avoid any nasty surprises.”

Friday 13th claims data from Policy Expert

Previous datesClaims Cost (Friday 13th)Claim Cost (average day)
13th September 2013£1,192£1,755
13th December 2013£895£2,317
13th June 2014£680£2,021
13th February 2015£1,115£2,188
13th March 2015£993£2,231
13th November 2015£378£883
13th May 2016£1,331£1,449
13th January 2017£1,198£1,571
13th October 20172,363£2,432



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