Deal of the week: Fill your home with Google wi-fi

13 April 2018

Significantly improve the quality of wi-fi coverage inside your home with a Google wi-fi mesh network.

What’s the deal exactly?

Google wi-fi launched in the UK in April 2017. The idea is that you buy several routers that connect around your house in order to ensure you get good signal everywhere. Initially, each unit cost £129 but now you can buy a three pack for £329, saving £58.

Why should I care?

Mesh network technology is the latest thing in home wi-fi. It improves upon normal broadband provider solutions by ensuring coverage all through your home and ultimately gives you a better broadband service.

With devices such as Apple TVs and Amazon Fire Sticks that require wi-fi to function now the norm for television viewing, having coverage that reaches everywhere is essential in many homes.

Google says that traditional broadband provider routers are a “one size fits all” approach and that “homes weren’t designed for wi-fi, [so] we felt we needed to design wi-fi for your home - especially in the UK where the walls are often thick and wi-fi can be patchy.”

The product also offers in-app parental controls, so you can pause wi-fi access on children’s devices. The routers are self-updating and, according to Google, highly secure. The app also allows for speed testing, troubleshooting, and creating guest networks.

Delivery is free with all orders.

What’s the catch?

Google wi-fi routers will only work as fast as the wired signal you are receiving from your provider, so if you suffer from slow line speed the mesh system won’t help improve that.

You also must own a smartphone in order to operate the system as it requires an app to download and manage the network.

Google also says that in older and larger homes with thick walls or long, narrow layouts, more wi-fi routers may be required in order to improve reach.

What are the other options?

BT offers a similar system called Whole Home WiFi at a cost of £189.99 for three routers.

You can also purchase a wi-fi extenders such as one on Amazon from Netgear for £109.99. However, according to Google, these extend range but diminish the quality of broadband speeds.

Alternatively, you can just use the router given by your broadband provider, although it could be of inferior quality.

Where can I find out more?

Have a look on the Google store online to find out more about the product, how it works, and how to set it up.


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Sounds like an extremely expensive solution. When i installed wifi security cameras around (the outside of) my house i bought a couple of wifi extenders from Argos for £20 each and now have full, fast coverage all around my house.

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