Moneywise users brand TV licence unfair

Nyree Stewart
9 April 2018

While you may have been enjoying your TV viewing over the Easter break, one thing that isn’t so much fun is the cost of a TV licence, which went up by £3.50 on 1 April to £150.50 for a colour licence. 

The results of our recent poll of more than 1,200 readers show four out of 10 (43%) do not think a TV licence is fair and there should be no cost to watch television. 

Almost a quarter of readers (24%), however, think the licence is both fair and set at a fair price, while 21% agree with the idea of a TV licence but believe it is too expensive.  

As one reader points out: “The BBC licence is good value for money [at] £12.50 a month. There are many programmes that would never been made by the commercial stations as there is no money to be earned. Be careful what you wish for, it might become a reality with the tatty (not all) US programmes and the like. Overall, the BBC is the best value broadcasting media in the world.”

But with many subscription TV and streaming services now available and with fewer people now watching ‘live’ TV, it is perhaps not surprising that 6% of readers believe a TV licence for live TV is fair but that it shouldn’t be applied to catch-up services. 

One reader argues the TV licence should be scrapped, and if needed “make BBC TV a Pay TV service for people who want to watch it.”

They add: “I Pay Sky £71 a month, plus £10 for Netflix, that gives me the best drama, documentaries, movies and sport. I strongly object to being forced to pay for a TV service, (BBC) that, at best, is poor and, at worst, is a shocking waste of money.”

As 6% of Moneywise readers chose an ‘other’ option, it appears a move to make the BBC pay per view or an alternative way to fund the broadcaster might be a popular choice. 

As one reader explains: “I watch the BBC at most probably two hours a week and would not mind losing access to it. Perhaps the solution is to make the BBC pay per view. Those who value it and those who value their lack of adverts should pay for it themselves. BBC is a lifestyle choice – it is not a necessity. It isn't 1950 anymore.

“Maybe an opt-out system where you just pay a rate for upkeeping TV infrastructure (about £15 a year) and you lose access to BBC services. I think the licence fee is genuine robbery.”

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In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

Having to pay for a TV licence is unfair. The UK must be the only country in the world where people have to pay for a TV licence. It's about time it was scrapped it's an outdated tax. The only way is for the BBC to be privatised but then you have to been inundated with lots of television adverts. Yet is £150.50 a lot to pay to watch quality television with no adverts. It's less than 50p per day.

In reply to by stuart (not verified)

I do not mind paying for a TVs licence but should be reduced for the over 75's £50 per year I would say . I have been paying for a licence for over 50yrs so why should ' should' t the kids pay full price ?

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

Of course the BBC is entitled to money in order to survive. But it should only be getting money from advertisements or through those who want it(ie subscription fee)

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

"They don't seem to know that the 'TV infrastructure' upkeep is already paid for by the broadcasters that own the transmitters (Muxes)"You don't seem to know that the 'TV infrastructure' upkeep is already paid for by the broadcasters that own the transmitters (Muxes), years of BBC TV Licence brainwashing has done this to people, they honestly think the TV Licence pays for other things other than the BBC

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

The guy who states its good value is talking for himself and clearly has no thought for anyone else, a typical left-wing BBC supporter. Lets be honest if the BBC was good value they wouldn't need to force people to subscribe (BBC TV Licence)

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

What a ridiculous headline.The poll results quite clearly show Fair = 45% (51% being generous) to Unfair = 43%.

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