How much is your data worth to hackers?

Published by Adam Williams on 21 March 2018.
Last updated on 30 April 2019

How much is your data worth to hackers?

All your personal data can be bought online for as little as £820, according to new research, with scammers using the dark web to sell your stolen details to others.

Technology website Top10VPN looked at the average sales prices of key personal data on three of the biggest dark web marketplaces – Dream, Point and Wall Street Market.

The dark web is an encrypted part of the internet which is only accessible using special browsers and is used by criminals to sell, among other things, illegally acquired private data.

The research revealed that PayPal and online banking log-ins are among the most valuable types of data to be bought and sold, with a typical sales price of £279.74 and £167.81 respectively.

Stolen eBay details will typically trade for £26.20 while an Apple log-in is worth £10.98 to scammers.

Even what seems like a trivial account, such as a TripAdvisor log-in, is sought-after by criminals. A hacked account on the review site changes hands for £1.87.

The table below shows how much your personal data is worth to criminals.

How much is my personal data worth?

Item for sale Average sale price
Personal finance
PayPal £279.74
Bank details £167.81
Western Union £72.84
Credit card £56.50
Skrill £36.00
Debit card £6.30
Subtotal £562.69
Proof of identity
Proof of identity £46.14
Passport £39.76
Subtotal £85.90
Online shopping
eBay £26.20
GAP £7.20
Amazon £6.78
Tesco £4.12
Victoria's Secret £3.37
Argos £3.00
Groupon £2.99 £2.99 £2.62
ASOS £1.50
H&M £1.49
Wayfair £1.12
Subtotal £63.38
British Airways £6.73
Jetblue £5.99
AirBNB £5.67
Uber £5.02
Wizzair £3.00 £2.62 £2.25
Yelp £1.87
TripAdvisor £1.87
Expedia £1.12
Subtotal £36.14
Apple £10.98
Netflix £5.99
Spotify £5.69
Twitch £1.50
Ticketmaster £1.49
PlayStation £0.37
Subtotal £26.02
T-Mobile £7.57
Skype £3.00
Subtotal £10.57
DHL £7.49
Subtotal £7.49
Social Media
Facebook £3.74
LinkedIn £1.49
Twitter £1.20
Instagram £0.92
Subtotal £7.35
AOL £3.00
Hotmail £2.37
Yahoo £1.20
Gmail £0.75
Subtotal £7.32
Food delivery
Deliveroo £3.74
Pizza Hut £2.62
Subtotal £6.36
Dating £2.24
PlentyOfFish £2.24 £1.87
Subtotal £6.35
TOTAL £819.57

Source: Dream, Point and Wall Street Market data, compiled by Top10VPN, February 2018

How can I stay safe online?

If you’re concerned about your cyber safety, there are a number of steps you can take to protect yourself. This includes using stronger passwords, avoiding public Wi-Fi networks and never clicking on suspicious links and websites.

Read the Moneywise guide to protecting yourself online to find out more.

You can also read more about the Moneywise Stay Secure Online campaign, launched in partnership with Cyber Aware, which aims to help consumers who want to get to grips with their online security and protect themselves against the loss of online data and theft of private information.

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