Get your will written for free in March

19 March 2018

Over 55s can have their will written for free during March as part of the ‘Free Wills Month’ campaign.

The scheme, which is supported by a range of well-respected charities including Age UK, British Heart Foundation, Mencap, and The National Trust, offers over 55s the chance to have a simple will written or updated free of charge by participating solicitors in selected locations across the UK.

To take part, simply visit and enter a few personal details. You will then be given the information of any local solicitors taking part in the scheme.

The solicitor will then be able to write you a will that reflects your wishes. The campaign only covers simple wills, which will cover most individuals and couples. However, if your needs are more complicated, the solicitor may charge an additional fee.

Where a simple mirror will is required for a couple, only one person has to be over 55.

Visitors to can also download a free will planner that takes you through the decision process one step at a time.

There is no obligation for participants to leave a legacy to any of the charities supporting the scheme, however it is hoped that some will take the opportunity to leave some money to a good cause in their will. According to Free Wills Month, many charities depend on legacies for as much as half their income.

Only by writing a will can you be sure that your money will be distributed as you wish when you die. Without one, your money will be divvyed up according to the rules of intestacy, which may not reflect your wishes. For example, intestacy rules do not recognise the rights of unmarried or cohabiting couples, nor will they allow friends or charities to benefit.

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