First Direct launches voice-activated Siri payments

19 March 2018

First Direct has become the latest bank to offer voice-activated payments to customers using the Siri tool on Apple iPhones.

Customers can now make payments to existing payees or mobile contacts without the need to log into online banking or input their password.

This is because the app is linked to the Paym system, which allows bank customers to send cash by linking their current account with their mobile phone number.  

Users can then make a payment with a voice command such as “Siri, pay Gary £15 with First Direct” and then confirming the transaction by using the fingerprint scanner or face ID tool.

Transfers are made using the faster payments system, which means the money should be transferred almost instantly. Users can make as many transfers as they like, subject to a daily payment limit of £350.

First Direct follows in the footsteps of Barclays, which added voice-activated Siri payments to its app last year.

Joe Gordon, head of First Direct, says: “First Direct is the original challenger bank and we’ve been a positive disruptive force for 28 years. We keep pushing the boundaries for the benefit of our customers and our goal is always to make banking as easy and as human as possible.”

To make voice payments, users must be registered for digital banking with First Direct, activate Paym in the First Direct app, and make sure their iPhone is capable of fingerprint or facial recognition.


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