Ryanair raises seat reservation costs but is slow to update prices online

15 March 2018

Passengers of Ryanair are again being targeted for additional costs as the budget airline has raised the price to reserve a seat.

Standard seat reservation has risen by £2 to £4, seats at the front of the plane have increased from £7 to £13.01, and seats with extra legroom have risen from £11 to £15.

However, confusingly, at the time of writing some pages of the Ryanair website have yet to be updated with the new pricing. Moneywise has notified Ryanair of these discrepancies but has since noticed that the offending page has now been taken down.  

For example, the airline’s ‘FAQs’ were out of date:

One page on the website also states that standard seat reservations cost £3 with a 25% discount. A spokesperson has told Moneywise that it is running this as a discount on a "number of Ryanair's routes".

The price rises come in the wake of the news that the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is investigating airlines for a lack of transparency on the fees passengers pay to sit together. According to the CAA, Ryanair passengers have a 35% chance of being separated from each other when booking flights if no payment is made to reserve specific seats.

In January, Ryanair changed its cabin baggage rules restricting customers to only one small bag per passenger. The airline said this was in order to speed up boarding times. Any customer with a small suitcase now has to have it checked in free of charge at the gate. The bag must be 10kg max and fit 55cm x 40cm x 20cm sizers at the gate. Any bag larger than this will incur a fee of £50.  

A Ryanair spokesperson comments: "Like all businesses, our fees can change unlike our fares which keep coming down. There have been some recent changes as per our list of fees published on our website. 

“All these fees are optional to our customers and Ryanair continues to offer the lowest fares on flights with our average fare in the UK this year less than £35."

See the table below for a list of price changes:

Seat typeCost before increaseCost after increase
Priority seats with extra legroom - rows 1, 2 (seats DEF), 16 and 17£11£15
Priority boarding - rows 2 (seats ABC) to 5£7£13.01
Standard seats - rows 6 to 15 and 18 to 33£2£4

Source: Ryanair, March 2018


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I am surprised anyone still uses Ryanair except maybe single city-hoppers. I don't use them out of principle because they are a bunch of cowboys, but that is my choice

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I abhor Ryanair and all their antics and I fly to Spain around 12 times a year and will never use them again. I used Easyjet and Blue air recently and people who had not paid for seats including myself all sat together and not at different parts of the plane as it was the last time I flew with Dodgyair sorry Ryanair. They will lose out on this because people are sick and tired of their tricks which are all designed to get you to spend more. Its just a shame Monarch had to fold.

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Ryanair say they have always split passengers up if they don't pay for reserved seating. This is not true, we travel approx 4 times a year with Ryanair, and have always sat together. We travelled in March 2017 and we sat together, it was after this date that it all changed, so when we traveled in June 2017, I was at one end of the plane, in the middle seat, and my husband was at the other end of the plane, in the middle seat. BUT when you check the vacant seats on the flight there was no reason to do this, it was a deliberate action by Ryanair to force you to pay more money.

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