Lidl to ditch 5p carrier bags in favour of ‘bags for life’

12 March 2018

Supermarket Lidl has become the latest retailer to axe 5p plastic carrier bags, in favour of more expensive but durable bags.

The discount retailer says it will stop selling 5p bags by the end of 2018. After that point, customers who do not bring in their own bags will have to purchase a 9p ‘bag for life’.

While the 9p bags are more expensive, they are more durable and can be swapped for a new bag free of charge when they become worn out.

Lidl says removing 5p bags from sale will mean 67 million fewer bags will be sold each year, equivalent to saving 134 tonnes of plastic.

It follows in the footsteps of supermarket rivals Asda and {Tesco}, both of which have announced plans to end the sale of single-use 5p bags.

Lidl has also set out targets to reduce the waste it generates, with an aim of making all its packaging recyclable by 2025.

Christian Härtnagel, chief executive officer of Lidl UK, says: “We’re proud of our clear, ambitious targets for the reduction of plastic waste.

“We have looked at plastic packaging in the context of our wider sustainability commitments and strongly believe that our circular approach will deliver a long-term solution.”


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Took lidl 9p bags back - unusable - refused to give me new bagsAlso refuse to help pack bags - rubbish service

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