Bulb customers to be hit with 2.8% price hikes

27 February 2018

Households with Bulb’s ‘Vari-Fair’ tariff will see prices rise by 2.8% on average from 28 April.

The increase affects all of Bulb’s 300,000 customers, whether you’re a dual fuel or electricity-only user, as this is the only tariff it offers.

As a result, a typical annual bill will rise to £879, up from £855 – an increase of £2 per month. 

New customers to Bulb will start on the increased tariff from today.

However, Bulb says that despite the hike, customers will still pay less than they did a year ago as Bulb cut its prices twice in 2017. It adds that it’s still “over £200 cheaper than the average Big Six standard tariff”.

Bulb co-founder, Hayden Wood, comments: “At Bulb, we’re committed to pricing fairly. That’s why we have one tariff, which reflects the true cost of energy. When wholesale energy costs move, so does our tariff. These costs have been rising and are now around 11% higher than they were in July of last year. As a result, from April, our price will be going up by £2 per month for the typical Bulb member.

“All members receive 60 days’ notice of the rise and, because we don't charge exit fees, can leave at any time, at zero cost.”

Bulb is a green provider, supplying 100% renewable electricity and 10% green gas to homes and businesses across the UK. See {'Bulb' is the new provider on the energy block, but how does it stack up?} https://www.moneywise.co.uk/news/2016-05-19/bulb-the-new-provider-the-energy-block-how-does-it-stack for more information.



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