Deal of the week: Travel from London to Amsterdam by Eurostar for £35

23 February 2018

Eurostar has launched a new direct rail route between London St Pancras and Amsterdam Centraal, with one-way tickets from £35.

What’s the deal?

Eurostar has launched its new route between London and Amsterdam, with direct trains travelling from St. Pancras International in London to Amsterdam Centraal.

Trains depart twice a day and Eurostar is offering standard class, one-way tickets from the UK from £35. The journey takes three hours and 41 minutes.

Moneywise checked availability of £35 fares this morning and found very good availability on weekdays. Weekends tend to be more expensive but there are £35 fares available if you book far enough in advance.

This offer is ongoing, although the cheapest fares are subject to availability.

Why should I care?

Many people prefer to travel by train than aeroplane as it offers a more comfortable journey. Plus, unlike flights, there are no limits on the amount of liquids you can take on board a Eurostar train.

What’s the catch?

There are no direct services back from Amsterdam to London due to a lack of passport controls in Amsterdam.

Travellers will have to change trains in Brussels and go through passport security there, adding around an hour to the return journey. The price of the return leg starts from £43.

What are my other options?

You can fly or take a ferry to Amsterdam from many of the UK’s major airports and ports. This could work out cheaper, especially if you live far away from London.

Use a price comparison website to see how much each mode of transport would cost. is a popular website for ferry price comparison while allows you to check flights.

Remember that while the price of a flight can often be less than the train, you should factor in the cost of travel to the airport – which can sometimes cost more than the flight itself.

Where can I find out more?

You can see times and book tickets on the Eurostar website.

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