Moneywise users cautious about fingerprint and facial recognition payments

15 February 2018
Image users are interested in using biometric technology to make payments, such as fingerprint and facial recognition, but are cautious about doing so.

The results of our recent poll of nearly 1,000 people found that over a third (34%) are interested in using biometric technology but are planning to wait a while to see how simple and safe it is first.

The remainder of those we polled are split between those who would use such technology and those who wouldn’t – although more people fall into the latter camp.

Nearly two in 10 (18%) said they’re not interested in using biometric technology as traditional passwords and PINs are fine with them, while a further 19% said they wouldn’t use this technology as they believe it’s more susceptible to fraud – for example, fraudsters could try to use photographs to trick facial recognition or recordings to bypass voice recognition software.

At the other end of the spectrum, over one in 10 (13%) said they would use biometric technology as it seems safer than passwords and PINs, while a further 12% said they would use this technology as it seems quicker and easier than remembering passwords.

The findings follow the news that Mastercard is introducing biometric technology for its card users from April 2019.

Many smartphones already have fingerprint technology as standard. For example, Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank both allow users to log in their B Account app using fingerprint verification.

Other banks, such as HSBC and First Direct, have rolled out voice recognition technology, and with the arrival of the iPhone X last year, facial recognition is moving into the mainstream too.

See the pie chart below for the full poll results. 

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