Half of households don’t want a smart meter

15 February 2018

Nearly half of households (47%) don’t want a smart meter, the results of Moneywise.co.uk’s most recent poll reveals.

When asked: “Would you get a smart meter?” Of the 1,552 people who voted, 47% said they don’t have a smart meter and don’t want one. 

A further two in 10 (22%) said that they don’t have a smart meter at present and they’re not sure yet if they want one, while 7% said they do have a smart meter but they’re unhappy with it.  

The findings may come as no surprise given the smart meter rollout has been fraught with issues.

Smart meters are the energy gadget being offered and installed in every household that wants one across England, Scotland and Wales by 2020.

By the end of the programme, which began in 2016, around 53 million smart meters will be fitted in over 30 million premises, according to the government – which is spearheading the scheme.

The idea behind them is that they should make energy bills far more accurate than at present where they are estimated.

But Moneywise has reported how households have been pressured into getting smart meters, while those who do want one may suffer delays, with one energy firm going as far as to say firms “don’t have a prayer” of meeting the 2020 installation deadline.

Other issues include the fact that some first-generation smart meters – known as SMETS1 meters – temporarily lose functionality when you switch to certain providers, and as of 1 February, only 80 SMET2 meters – which don’t lose functionality when switching – have been installed.

Moneywise reader Hesperus comments on the poll: “I was interested initially until I found out that if I changed suppliers the functionality was lost. That wrecked the idea for me. Version 2 may offer the ability to use meters with different suppliers but I will wait and see.”  

However, at the other end of the scale, our poll does reveal that over one in 10 (13%) who already have a smart meter are happy with it, and a further 10% who won’t have one are planning to get one.

See the full poll results in the pie chart below.


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British gas turned up today to fit a SMART METER, I was under the impression that this would be a replacement gas meter, but this is not the case, It actually involves fitting a new electricity meter, the gas Fitter informed me that he would have to replace the existing Electricity meter and remove the Economy 7 terminal, which would only leave me with the normal day tariff, therefore, I would be loosing money. I decided there and then not to have a Smart meter fitted. and now Ive read other peoples posts on here I'm glad I decided against It..

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I know to switch things off if I'm not using them because I remember the "Save It!" campaign in the 1970s and the three day weeks and power cuts. I don't have anyone else using things in my house. So why the heck do I need a gadget to tell me what I'm using? It's not that I can use less than what is essential, which is what I use now. Madness.

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I dont want a smart meter neither does my HusbandMy current tariff has expired & I was just signing up with British Gas when I read that I would agree to have a smart meter fitted if I didnt they would change my tariffI didnt sign upThanks

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I need to have a Gas meter installation at a residential unit in E3 4TN area but without a smart meter. Please help.

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If Smart meters are such a good thing, why don't energy companies sell the idea on the basis of the benefit to the consumer? It seems to be more the case that the emphasis is on the benefit to the company. Most of the problem is the result of the Government's attitude to the companies. Why should we get the impression that having a meter Is compulsory?- as I was told by my supplier.

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It's about time that some Smart Law turned this Smart Meter Scam into a PPI type case as they are both very identical. Energy companies, like the Banks, are not disclosing the full details and deliberately lying to the people by telling them that Smart Meters installation are required by the law etc. This is very identical to what the Banks were doing. A PPI type of claim against the Energy Companies is now required to be implemented. Hopefully this will teach them a lesson. Come on People, wake up and show the People Power. People are beginning to realize the many Cons the Industry & Institutions run. Women Power have shown this recently in the Salaries Disparities between the men & women for same work etc. Its time for everybody to Wake Up and fight the Injustices & Scams.

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It’s a waste of money. We are advised to change suppliers regularly to save money, and one suppliers smartmeter cannot be used by another supplier. Is the cost being passed on to Users?If so 100% of those who have them would think twice before having one fitted. I certainly wasn’t told that other suppliers couldn’t use the one I have

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Wish I hadn't had mine fitted, now not in control every month I read my own meters and submitted readings now I do not know what I am using!!!!!

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the money would be better spent getting the price they charge down ,i don't see how a smart meter saves you money you won't change what energy you use it is what it is just another gimmick

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Why would anyone want/need a smart meter when all that is required is simply a little common sense? Oops, perhaps I have answered my own question as common sense is not the norm these days! Sad, sad world when it is believed that we need this technology which is in itself expensive to make what should be straightforward thrifty decisions ourselves!

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I am an Engineer, and have given some thought to this matter of the "Smart Meters". My comments are as below:First of all, whats so "Smart" about these Smart Meters? The Sermons being pushed by the Lobbying Bodies for these say that you get an accurate bill rather than an estimate. BIG DEAL. If you provide a reading to your supplier by the due date, you will still get an accurate bill for your consumption. How long does it take to take a reading and send it to your supplier - 5 minutes or less. Now don't tell me that you are so busy solving the problems of this world that you do not have these 5 minutes. Anybody who says so, is an ASSHOLE. The current meters work fine, have worked for me, I provide a reading to my supplier every 3 months + or - 14 days , reading is sent over Internet in your account, and by same evening, the proper bill is issued. To me, this is all a BIG GIMMICK invented by the FAT CATS of the industry and possibly the government and someone is making quite a bit of money out of it by manufacturing these. They say, these are fitted FREE of charge etc. Nothing come FREE in this world. By some HOOK OR CROOK, this money will be couped from the customer. If they really want to HELP you, they can lower the Tariffs. Energy Companies have been raking in tons of money by keeping tariffs high when they can actually be lowered. The whole thing is a JOKE & a BIG RIP OFF in some way.

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waste of money and I will never get one.

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I wish I never got one! every week once a week it keeps going wrong and we loose about half the money on there as its a pay as you go meter. (e-on) when I mentioned this to them just throbbed it off as a fault - Also as its plugged into the electric" we are using more electric! Are electric has always been low as we have always been careful in what we use. So this meter has been NO help to us at all. Just sits there with lots of wire plugged in, in the way! useless machine no one should get one! But we were told we had to get one and was not given the option to refuse it.

Smart meters , actually spies for the suppliers!

I think that smart meters are simply a way of suppliers finding out when you use most electricity. Spying really .Gathering info on everyone so they can eventually you will find we are all on individual tariffs and will cost us more, big brother is here!

Smart Meters ,

Origionally agreed to one. They didn't turn up ,cost them £80, re scheduled ,didn't turn up, another £80.Informed telephone canvassers to take us off all lists as we discovered lots of "hidden" issues going Smart two years on. Now a letter has arrived addressed to my wife – they are coming in two weeks to fit our smart meter .I don't really know details in the letter as wife is away and the account is in her name. I can't open another persons mail it's against the law.

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