Starling Bank unveils partnership with range of financial services providers

14 February 2018

Starling Bank customers can now access several new financial provider partners in their in-app ‘Marketplace’.

Moneywise reported the introduction of Starling Bank’s first in-app partner, a loyalty point collection service called Flux in September last year.

But the bank has now announced the integration of several new partners to go with this.

The new financial service provider partners include the following companies:

  • Habito: A digital mortgage broker
  • Kasko: A travel insurance provider
  • PensionBee: A digital pension provider that aims to consolidate pension pots into one
  • WealthSimple: A digital wealth management service

Of these, PensionBee is now available on the app, with the others set to launch in the next few weeks, according to Starling.

Clare Reilly, head of corporate development at PensionBee, comments: “Starling Bank and PensionBee share a common vision - that everyone should be in complete control of their money. That means instant access to information about transactions, balances, and investment growth on your favourite device, 24/7.”

Daniel Hegarty, founder of mortgage broker Habito, adds: “Starling gives customers ultimate clarity and control over their current accounts. Via the Starling app customers can manage their mortgage seamlessly and enjoy the hassle-free and instant service that is the new standard set by this generation of financial products.”

All-in-one financial management

The latest additions to Starling Bank’s in-app offerings shed light on a tantalising future for financial consumers. The introduction of Open Banking has fired a starter pistol on big changes to the ways in which consumers handle their personal financial information.

Ms Reilly adds: “Our exciting new partnership means, for the first time ever in the UK, customers can see their real-time pension balance, alongside their real-time current account balance. That’s real-time customer empowerment, and a big step towards linking the small financial decisions you make daily, to the retirement income you will have tomorrow - all in one place.”

Toby Triebel, Europe chief executive at WealthSimple agrees: “We want to enable people to live their best financial lives, and joining Starling's Marketplace is about making access to transparent financial service products available to everyone.” 

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