Waitress shakes up loyalty scheme

9 February 2018

Waitrose has shaken up its loyalty scheme by introducing tailored vouchers and personalised offers which will replace its ‘Pick Your Own’ deal.  

As of 8 February 2018, myWaitrose customers who use their loyalty card in-store or online will start to receive regular tailored vouchers and personalised offers, which reflect what they have bought most, by post and at the checkout.

How customers  receive vouchers will  depend on how they asked to be contacted when they became a myWaitrose member.

Vouchers will include a mixture of deals for redemption in-store only and online-only. Waitrose says that in future, coupons will also be issued by email and online.

However, to make way for the new initiative Waitrose is axing its Pick Your Own offer from 1 March 2018 – this includes the Pick Your Own app.  

Under this loyalty perk, which was launched in 2015, shoppers can pick up to 10 products from a number of options provided to receive a 20% discount on. 

Waitrose says the “vast majority” of shoppers were only using five of their 10 picks over the course of a year as they had difficulty remembering what their choices were and how to update them.

A Waitrose spokesperson comments: “We are always listening to our customers’ feedback on how we can make their shopping experience with Waitrose even better. As part of this, we are making it easier for them to make savings and will now be providing tailored vouchers and personalised offers for customers with a focus on their favourite products. We will, however, be stopping ‘Pick Your Own Offers’ after 28 February this year.”

The move follows the scaling back of Waitrose’s reward scheme last year when it introduced a minimum spend to qualify for its free tea or coffee deal.

However, myWaitrose card holders will continue to receive existing perks including exclusive offers and competitions, a free copy of Waitrose Food magazine each month, free tea or coffee when they make a purchase, and a free newspaper on spends of £10 or more.  

The supermarket adds that it will “closely monitor” the customer response to its new reward scheme.

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In reply to by Francis De Lima (not verified)

If "difficult to use the website" was the feedback Waitrose received from their customers, then, if they truly had their customer interests at heart, you would have expected they would have amended their website to make it simpler and easier to use for those who had problems making a selection (like you?). Instead, they scrap an attractive scheme through which, according to the last email statement I received from Waitrose on 25/10/17, in the three months July to September I had saved £125.90 solely through Pick Your Own Offers in my day-to-day/weekly shopping. Together with my Waitrose card benefits, I saved a total of £189.42. So the Pick Your Own Offers represents 66%, two/thirds of my total savings when shopping with Waitrose. What's the bet the new scheme (which you seem to prefer but don't actually describe as having used) doesn't come anywhere near saving me that much?As I said, Waitrose are taking away a benefit and failing to match it with an equivalent replacement.

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

just wondering why i no longer receive waitress tailored to me loyalty voucher, haven't had any since last autumn ?

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

What has happened to the taste of the free coffee at Waitrose?It used to be a pleasant drink until a few weeks ago when it became difficult to tell it was actually coffee!It is not just me. My friend agrees with me.

In reply to by Disappointed W… (not verified)

Hear! Hear! The vouchers are an insult - what ';ve received for the past two months has been four £10 discount vouchers for a minimum spend of £100, and 2 vourchers for products that I have no desire to purchase. So much for offering products that are "tailored" for me. I am considering cancelling my loyalty card so that I don't get these wretched things any longer. I can't possibly afford to spend £100 each week, so they're useless - and worse, they're hypocritical and insulting. It's clear to me that Waitrose doesn't want customers who aren't wealthy. Although I much prefer Waitrose's products to Sainsbury's, I've survived without a Waitrose branch in Banbury for about 10 years, so I'm seriously considering going back to Sainsbury's. At least its loyalty card offers bonus points for as little as a spend of £30, and when it issues bonus vouchers for specific products, they're always items that I've purchased frequently. As to Waitrose's reasons for withdrawing the Pick Your Own Offers scheme - since Waitrose sends a confirmation of any changes to a customer's preferences, all the customer needs to do is print the e-mail and bring it with him to the store. What's so difficult about that? Even if Waitrose was being honest about it, why did they scrap Pick Your Offers altogether? Why not do both? Or, if Waitrose is so miserly that it simply doesn't want to offer both, why not ask the customers to choose the loyalty scheme version that they want to use? Again - Waitrose's clear prejudice against less affluent customers is appallingly obvious. When I expressed my view to someone at the Customer Services desk at the Banbury branch, I could tell by the staff member's demeanour that she wasn't at all interested in what I had to say, and I'm certain that my comments weren't passed along to her managers. So much for customer service. Clearly, Waitrose's staff training leaves a lot to be desired - the woman shouldn't have been allowed anywhere near a customer.

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

With the withdrawal notification of Pick Your Own Offers, I received 4 x £13 discount vouchers if I spend £130 with each voucher, valid until 4th March 2018, plus a £2 discount voucher on butter and spreads and a £1 discount voucher on French red wine. Seems poor recompense for withdrawal of the Pick Your Own Offers which I found simple and easy to use from my smart phone when shopping, especially with free wifi in store, and a definite incentive to make regular and frequent shops in Waitrose. How they expect me to make 4 x £130 shops between now and 4th March is just ridiculous - wholly impractical. Have they not recognised that the trend is not to make single, large shops but more frequent, small shops? Or perhaps they have: are Waitrose simply cutting their discounts for customers to save on cost and to improve profits? In any event, I am not impressed with the change and I'm afraid they've just lost a loyal and regular customer.

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

I prefer the changes made by Waitrose to their loyalty card. I always found it difficult to navigate their website and identify the 10 items I wished to select - so did so for just 3 and never saw any benefits. Tesco slashing their Clubpoints mirrors what Sainsburys did some years ago and is a dastardly retrograde step. I shall use Tesco much less from now on!

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